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best material for cracked tail light cover repair?

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Hi all,

I've a cracked tail light cover which is allowing water into the unit. (not an Optima, I must confess!) I've removed the unit to drain and air it out. I'm thinking to use epoxy to fill the cracks. Is that the best material?

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thanks for the replies. It came out quite well with the epoxy-as-fill. I did 4 separate epoxy applications to fill gaps and get the surface somewhat smooth. I don't think I'll need the tape, but glad to know about it. I could have been neater, but the finish is smooth and clear. I'm not concerned about the marred finish as it's at the very top of the unit and so shouldn't interfere with visibility.

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How the **** did you get the epoxy to come out so nicely?

I guess you could wet sand it starting with low grit and working up, and then polish it. Impressive results.

What brand/type of clear epoxy did you use?
Every dog has it's day I guess! The thicker center of the repair has clouded up a bit after being outside all day yesterday, so I wouldn't be surprised if it clouds up more as time goes on. Even so, it appears quite solid -- the overall goal is to seal the cracks, so it's still a victory.

I used Gorilla epoxy -- it was the cheaper one at the store. I've used J.B. Weld before as fill for an inside cracked wood threshold, and that hasn't clouded years later. Maybe a different brand wouldn't have clouded, but I'm guessing it can't be avoided with outside weather.

As to your question, I did about 4 separate applications. I've only worked with epoxy as filler a couple of times -- for those the epoxy naturally thins after it was applied, so it leveled itself and dried crystal clear (you can see a drip going across the top of it.) The car wasn't getting used for a while, so I could take lots of time to let each layer dry. At least several hours for each.
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