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2013 Optima/K5 LX (Remington Red Metallic)
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Although I am still sort of debating maintaining this upgrade from EZPROIT, I really want to see what the maintenance is like with having tires rotated and long term performance of the lugs. The first issue is that the wheel lock key is 3/8" instead of 1/2". This means that I and whoever touches my wheels need to have a 3/8" lug wrench to remove each lug nut. Also, since each lug nut is anti-theft, the process of removing the wheel will take a little longer. I have already ordered a secondary key in case the first one mistakenly gets damaged from an over zealous tech. The lug itself is black, but the red extended ends are aluminum and will scratch easily, so these are tightened and removed by hand only. There is also a rubber ring that goes onto the lug before the red cap is screwed on. The ring must also be removed before the lugs can be be removed. Not sure how long this will last.... $50 bucks for a full set of 20 lugs though, so we will see.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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