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Hello everyone,

I freaking love my 2019 Optima and it broke my little heart when this happened.

The other day I had a very unfortunate accident and dented the bottom corner of the driver side door. I've searched several YouTube videos and found a couple of good ones.

Here is what I think I'm going to do:
1. Heat the corner of the door and bend back carefully.
2. Take all layers of paint off of the corner of the door.
3. Find paint online. Looking at this product.
4. Follow steps in this video by ChrisFix. Is that process too much? Is there an easier way?

I feel confident that I can fix this for a fraction of the price than going to a body shop. I also feel confident that I can actually fix it to look pretty decent.

I guess I'm looking for a few things from you all. Maybe you know of an easier fix? Or I'm missing something in my steps above? BUT MOSTLY I'm looking for some positive reinforcement from anyone who reads this to give me the confidence to fix my baby!

Thanks for reading!

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I'd say go for it and fix it! Our 2015 has something similar to that on the passenger side door (its long story) even though ours is smaller, we decided to just say forget it and leave it as is. The car has over 100k on it anyways, but yours is so new I can understand as to why you'd want to repair it...If this happened to our Tahoe or BMW we would've had it repaired the same day!!

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Not as easy as one might think with the double skin on the edge. I would first tap the bent edge back in place cold, without using heat, but using a dolly or heavy backup on the outer part and even wood on the inside to protect the metal. Once back in place there might be a "high" line at the bend area that needs to be addressed, so tap that as flat as possible and if the metal is stretched, you can heat and douse with cold water to shrink. Any inconsistencies can be ground down and low spots filled with spot putty. Painting another problem as not certain as to the paint now on the car, but if a 3 stage paint it will be tough to match, but have spot painted areas and not noticeable.
Even a body shop after the repair would want to repaint the entire door, or even do a panel blend, but from what I've seen, the 3 stage paint jobs from shops leave a lot to be desired as with a keen eye, they very rarely ever match.
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