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Bought my 2013 Kia from All Star (not) Kia East in Baton Rouge in 2014. The car had about 13k miles on it and was in great condition. Upon buying the car, I was offered the wheel and tire insurance package. I originally said no and mentioned if I needed a new tire Id buy one from a family member. I was then informed that the package would also cover the wheel/rim since I have the polished aluminum wheels. I asked what kind of process is included if one was damaged and was told "You simply bring the car in and they switch it out with a new one". Sounds great right? Well low and behind I pulled into a store one morning after getting off work at 4am and hit a curb (only time in my entire life I've ever curbed a wheel). So, I take the car to the dealership and ask them about getting a new wheel, and out it comes... "well you'll need to leave the wheel or car with us and we'll have a local rim shop we use to come and inspect the wheel to see if it can be repaired". So I reply "well how can I leave my wheel or car here, when you didn't include a spare tire with my car when you sold it to me???" The gave me a can of "Fix-it-Flat". Ive left comments on their Facebook page, Yelp, and even given them poor service ratings from the emails I get after having the car serviced. The Sale Manager Adrian Valentine and Service Manager Horace Green love to send emails offering to take care of the issue, yet neither of them are ever there when I go into the dealership and neither of them ever want to return emails or phone calls. Am I stuck dealing with these 2 faced liars or is there any other options I have? The dealership is always calling and asking if Id be interested in trading the vehicle in and I reply with "Your dealership is so full of liars and cheats Id rather buy a used bicycle from a Ford dealership than buy anything else from you again...
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