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2015 SX-T SWP, 2012 EX, Spicy Red
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I have a 2015 Optima SX-T I bought last December 26th.
I also have a 2012 EX (Spicy).
But, this about all the gear needed to just install a stable, 4 ohm Apple/Android Auto/USB/Sirius Alpine 2x Din 7" ILX-650 head unit and Alpine KTX-450 "piggyback" class "D" tiny 2x DIN x 1" thick 50 watt X 4 RMS amp for the door speakers. This paired unit won an award at the 2019 CES for car audio. The ILX -650 has 50 watt x4 max (about 20w rms) and is only 2" deep. The bolt on KTX-450 amp fits right behind the head unit, with lots of space left over to cram in all of the ADAPTERS. And the wiring harnessesses. I have enough adapters to sew together a basic lawn chair!!! From the simple adapters for the door speakers to super-complex Axxess Car audio installation adapter that adds a Sirius adapter, new reverse HD wide angle camera, and an optional HD forward camera. Also, they must be programmed to interact with my steering wheel controlls, etc. I have my Rockford Fosgate subs already installed, If my stock OEM "Infinity" screen wasn't a TINY 4" (touchscreen???....WHY WOULD ANYONE OFFER A 4" TOUCHSCREEN????)...which is running an agonizingly slow UVO system, I might have left the head unit alone if it had a 7" screen. However, my stock OEM speakers are 10 ohm, which means you can use cheap paper speakers that produce amazing sound, but all aftermarket stereo/infotainment systems use a 4 ohm setup, and have for 30 years.
So, in order to continue to have my system sound right, all of my 15 boxes of equipment I bought at Crutchfield must be installed (at Crutchfield) in order to get it done right. Nobody else is qualified... which I find not so crazy now that I wrote it out. Personally, walking into a shop that I don't know is not an option. No more "umm, we really don't understand the master sheet" and this is after my car has been there for 7 days.

I am learning that it is difficult to count on anyone "in the business" when I have adapters on top of adapters on top of adapters so my steering wheel controls will work for my volume, track, on/off, using my stock OEM USB adapter, it just gets VERY complicated.
So right now I am getting ready to make an install appointment with Crutchfield based in Charlottesville, VA, and is only about 127 miles from me. So, I will sign a waiver (that I won't sue if a car falls on me), just to watch the process, and SOZK UPNTHE KNOWLEDGE. It is EXTRA fortunate that I bought all the equipment at Crutchfield, which is in the middle of my home state.
So I will take some pics and show you guys!! From the road trip to befor snd after photos on the stereo. So, $1600 of good stuff is in my closet, ready to install. They have to rewire the subs also. I asked for 4 guage wire, and got 8. It works....but my bass blost knob doesn't work. Too much feedback and leakage on the power wire.
Anyway, will take picks!


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