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Hi all,
Hope you are having an awesome day.
So I had a question about AEB.
Car Make : 2016 Kia Optima SXL
Modifications : AEM air intake and oil catch can both from K5 Optima Store. Rest everything stock. No accidents.
Issue : Car stops suddenly (cuts power to accelerator) for 1-2seconds. A message box comes up on dashboard with a red border around it but goes away in 1 second. Couldn't read anything. Car restores power back to accelerator and starts moving as if nothing happened.
Conditions : Very heavy rain, slight down hill, driving in city around 40kmph.
Settings : AEB on with early detection.
Frequency : Happened twice so far BOTH times in similar conditions.
Resolution : When it happened the second time I took my car in. Kia checked everything logs and all BUT they couldn't find anything. They showed me the test results and everything read PASS beside it. They said if I was uncomfortable with the feature I can turn it off.
This feature works really well on highways when I have cruise control on. There has been a couple of times that cars in front of me have stopped and my Kia auto-braked in advance to prevent a crash. Its super useful.
Questions to you guys
1. Anyone with similar issues? Why is it happening?
2. They don't have logs for it? So technically if the car brakes automatically and someone rear-ends me, I have no way of proving that it wasn't me. What should I do?
3. Is it AEB related at all. Or can it be something else?

2016 Kia Optima SXL
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This is a long shot as a '16 seems Too Young for the Rubber Grommet to disintegrate as in the video, but it Does involve Temporary Loss of Acceleration.
See posts #3 and #15 video & IF you want ...Fast Fwd thru the video in the #15 post til you see the Rubber Grommet.
Its absence allows the White Pin to extend Out vs IN (brake lights OFF) and Pin OUT tells the car the Brakes (lights) are ON - so acceleration is prevented.
Never understood HOW Acceleration can return with the Pin OUT, but That was the scenario in this other Thread.
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