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2020 Optima EX Premium 1.6 Turbo
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Hello. I recently installed a OCC on my 2020 EX 1.6T. There was nothing here in reference to the 1.6 only the 2.0. The 1.6 hook up is different so here are a few pictures of my install to help the next guy.

I removed the cover to show the hose you need to access.

This is the location and route of the PCV hose.

I used the factory 3/8" hose and unhooked it from the PCV valve side(that end hooks to the OCC "outlet") and you will need some 3/8" hose to run from the PCV valve to the OCC inlet.

I have the Injen intake and i mounted the OCC to the heat shield. If you are running a stock air box you will need to find another location. I chose this because it was easy, clean and kept my hoses as short as possible.

Re-installed the heat shild and hooked up the hoses. Remember to keep the OCC inlet lower then the PCV valve.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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