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Thought I would make a quick thread about this process as I had a kid on a bike break my passenger side LED side mirror light on my 17 PHEV. Could not find instructions online. I did not take pics but it is simple instructions

1: Use a plastic trim tool to pop the outside painted top cover off. Start at the outside edge and work up. Don't force anything it will start to come loose and you can pull off.

2: Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the two black plastic clips that hold the mirror itself onto the motor. They are a little difficult to see. There are two on the top that you can pry upwards and push the mirror itself. This will release the top of the mirror off the motor to expose the internals. Use a flashlight if you have difficulty seeing what I am talking about. It's pretty obvious.

3: There is one screw holding the LED plastic assembly in place. Remove phillips head screw and lift LED light out.

4: To disconnect the power to the lamp itself, pry back the rubber insert protecting the end and insert a small flathead driver into the socket to release the clip holding the power connector. Do not pull hard on the wires. Connector is held into place with a small clip. This must be pressed back to release the connection.

5: Install wiring onto the new part and make sure clip locks into place. Push rubber protector back into place. Insert LED assembly back into the mirror. Screw philllps head screw back to assembly. Align mirror and push back into place. It will snap and lock. Rinstall top mirror cover. Finished.
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