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Hey guys! I want to upgrade my rims to have something that is chrome and clean, not sporty. I know that it may take some MPG's off my car, but that is fine. The question i am having touble finding answers to is that I am running the stock Standard tire size: 205/65 R 16 94H tires. But I cannot find information on what the maximum size rim/tires I can run. I would like something near 18 inches, but unsure on what is the maximum width and size that can fit before any scraping of the wheel well. I see that 17x7.5 is available for my model, but is this the maximum size that i could run? Sorry I am very new to shopping for rims and tires.

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Welcome to the Optima Forums. :hi:

Congrats on getting your 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid model.

I am not sure on the question you asked, but hopefully another member can assist with that.

We do have a few options for rims on our site, where you don't have to change out the tires.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of the products we carry on the site.


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From my experience with Kias, if you have 205/65R16, then 225/17R55 or 225/18R45 would offer a similar overall diameter, so there would be a minimal speedometer discrepancy. See this calculator:

The only thing to figure out is offset. I'm not sure what it is on the latest models, but should be similar.
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