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Since most people only seem to post on message boards when their cars are problems, I thought I'd try and even it out a bit with my first post.

Wanted to bring my blue "Smooth Trudger" Optima onto the forums here. Almost a 100% great exerience so far!!!

1.) Purchased new in June, 2017 (technically used, but with 45 km on it...don't know why "used" - but this saved freight and PDI and made the deal insanely good).
2.) My work gets me on the road a LOT (mostly smooth highway, low traffic drving). In the 2.7 years I've owned it I've put on about 45,000 km/yr (28,000 miles/yr).
3.) Car is just quite smooth for my driving, especially having its longish sedan's wheelbase. Quiet enough. LX doesn't have accoustic glass either.
4.) Only warrranty work: centre rear seat seatbelt wasn't retracting: fixed under warranty. No warranty anymore (over 100k km).
5.) No brake jobs yet. I regularly use the manumatic mode to slow the car down and am super light on the brakes. Estimate 40% left.
6.) Went to Michelin CrossClimate+ tire (not a true snow tire, but an excellent all-weather tire that can be used year round, has three peak mountain snowflake symbol) at around 100,000 km (first tire change), I just find this tire to be amazing and I hate changing tires spring and fall.
7.) I'd estimate I get about 7.3 L/100km in the winter and about 6 L/100km in the summer with again, a ton of highway km and a light foot.
8.) No accidents, no issues. I plan on trying to hit 450,000 km (just about 300,000 miles) with it. I has a single dent on it.

Great car. I hope the rod bearing issue never rears it's ugly head, haven't heard of many 2016's affected, but hey, KIA's still in my goodbooks as they've upgraded the warranty to lifetime for that.

What else. Car has seemingly "loosened up" from it's super tight feeling new I guess. Still pretty tight though. This is just a nice car for my purposes. No touchscreen, but who really needs it...I use my mounted phone for directions. Paint is holding up well thought the Canadian winters. No rust visible. No alignments, rotate tires every 12,000 km and Oil is semi-synthetic every 6 or 7,000 km.

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Welcome to the Optima Forums.

Congrats on getting your 2016 Optima LX model.

Glad to have you here on the site, let us know if we can help with anything.

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