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Car has 71000 miles on it. Car will normally start in the morning fine. Once running, if shut off, it will not start up without a jump unless I leave it sit for an hour. Lights and radio will still work when this happens so it still is getting some kind of power. When I turn the key, it starts to crank but then turns off as if battery is dead and repeats. If I let it sit for an hour then it starts up fine with no jump.

It has been cold here the past two days. Yesterday morning it started up but it died in the middle of cranking but then started up. The trip mileage was reset as if the battery had died or was disconnected. This morning it was cold again and it wouldn't start up. Got a jump from a neighbor and it started up immediately.

What is making it need this hour to sit before starting? The not starting up in the cold morning is leading me to think it's the battery. If that's the case then I'll gladly buy a battery (even though it's an ACM battery so it's pretty expensive compared to normal ones), but I'm worried it will be something pricier like alternator or starter. I can see a small bit of corrosion under the connections but it doesn't seem to be enough to cause this and if it was, would it necessarily be intermittent issues? I plan on cleaning it off and the connections but I lost my socket set and am currently waiting for one to arrive from Amazon.

I am not a mechanically inclined person so any help would be appreciated.
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