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Hi. Hope all is well. I was hoping you could point me to the correct headlight bulb for a 2014 optima sxl turbo. The dealer has informed me It is an HID with a part number of 18647-35006, and would cost over $300 however im getting so many options and conflicting information I’m just not sure what is correct. I’d appreciate any information you could provide and point me to a few options you’d recommend. Also it seems like there is a difference between the sx and the sxl Thanks so much. Frank

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Sure, happy to help.

We have the same quality HID bulbs as factory for $74.95 including free shipping.

We also have a set of HID bulbs that are 20% brighter than stock, and are on sale for $179.95 including free shipping.

Both options are 100% plug & play for your 2014 Optima SX-L Turbo model, and I have linked them below to you on our site.

Morimoto XB HID D1S Bulbs - $74.95 for the paid of bulbs shipped

OSRAM XENARC 66140 CBI HID D1S Bulbs - $179.95 for the pair of bulbs shipped.

Both sets are in stock here in Los Angeles, CA and available to ship as soon as you order on our site.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions before ordering.

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