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Hi all,

I am coming up on 30k miles on my 2014 SX-T and had my car in the dealership recently for KIA's ECU upgrade/recall. At that time, the dealer suggested two maintenance services:

  1. Fuel injection service @ $155
  2. Automatic transmission fluid replacement @ $230

I subsequently reviewed the car's manual and could not find either of these listed under the regular maintenance section. I did see that the fluid replacement is suggested every 60k miles for severe driving conditions, but I don't feel those apply to me. Doing some searching on this forum, it appears I'm not the only one confused by this. I saw that @williamhood did the fluid replacement himself (see here), while other threads alluded to the transmission being sealed and that the fluid can't be replaced (not sure how the dealership could offer that service nor why the manual would mention it if that were true). I also saw that @munky had posted a maintenance schedule screenshot from (again, no mention of the fluid replacement at 30k miles) and a text from his dealer (indicating the fluid replacement at 30k) here.

So, in short, I'm confused :cry:. Are both of these maintenance services actually recommended/needed, and if so, does it really make sense to go through the dealer, who likely is upcharging vs. a Pep Boys or similar?


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Dealer has their own maintenance schedule, called profit margin. Stick to the manual recommendation.
Stick with the schedule in the owner's manual. The stealership is there to fill their pockets at the expense of inexperienced customers.

Some of the guys on here go overboard with maintenance for no valid reasoning, and is no different than the ridiculous dealer's schedule.

As far as independent shops doing the job, it's not necessarily that they can't do the job, but just make certain they use the correct parts/fluid.
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