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Hey guys / gals,

I've got a 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid EX with around 75,000 miles.

It normally always used to average rite around 34mpg city driving....

But recently for the past couple of weeks I've noticed that the average mpg hasn't went above 22mpg.

So I've been keeping the energy flow monitor on so I can keep an eye on what all that stuff is doing. And it's definitely obvious that it always shows the engine transferring power to the batteries and to the wheels and the battery charge meter rarely goes above 3 bars. And the EV indicator on the dashboard rarely ever comes on anymore unless the car is sitting still or is below 10 miles an hour. Whereas it used to come on fairly often when the car was at cruising speed with light throttle input.

Also in the past couple months the car has had that EV warning where it says to pull the car over immediately. And when that happens the battery fuel gauge is almost all the way full to the high mark. I have read that this issue is caused by the current shunt not reading properly or something of that nature.

I looked up the 10-year hundred thousand mile warranty on the vehicle and it does show that the battery is covered but I have a feeling that Kia this is going to be unwilling to do anything about it since there is no warning lights / check engine light being triggered... I've even plugged in a ODB2 reader and scanned for codes and it shows nothing.....

If anyone has any input for information on this it would be appreciated. Or if anyone else has dealt with this exact problem and tried to go to the dealer.
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