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2014 Kia Optima Hybrid EX - Getting HEV warnings

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TL;DR: Replaced 125v safety fuse with 150v safety fuse because car died via overcharging the electric motor. Did not get warnings anymore, until recently it happened again, but HEV meter wasn't full (at least I think it wasn't).

I have a 2014 KIA Optima Hybrid EX that was getting HEV warnings to stop the engine. I found the cause of this and it was the alternator overcharging the electric motor. I ignored this as I thought it wasn't really doing much to the car besides killing my car battery. Not a good idea. Died in the middle of the highway and had to get it towed. After hours of working, I replaced my battery and replaced my 125v safety fuse with a 150v safety fuse and everything was normal... until today.

I got the warning again and my heart sank because of my recent incident. Luckily it didn't die; however, my HEV meter did not fill all the way up (I think. My friend was in the car and also claimed he didn't see it fill all the way up). Was this a discharge? Is there something else wrong with my car? I would prefer not to bring the car into a "Stealership", but if I have to, I will.

Thank you for reading and hope that you can give any suggestions.
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Having the same thing happen to my Kia same year make model every EX … I get on the highway lose power the fixed my belts wasn’t my belt got the update still losing power
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