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I'm not going to post a how to get the dash apart, there are tons of videos showing you how to do this, this is the one I used

There are few differences from the '13 to the '14 and it was, IMO, very easy. Mind you, this is also my first DIY after market radio install.

Here is what we got with the dash taken off...
2015-01-16 20.33.32.jpg
There is also a bracket that you will need to bend out of the way. I believe this is new to the 2014.
2015-01-16 21.38.51.jpg
All the connectors are plug and play. I wired my harness together inside as it was less than freezing outside. The only wires I had to connect outside were the parking break sensor. My head unit is tricky. It needs to see a switch, so bypassing it doesn't work. I'm popping my dash off again to install my amps so I'll probably get a switch to bypass the parking break. I don't need the videos to play while I'm driving. I just don't like not being able to change settings from the passenger seat.
The steering wheel controls were just plug and play as well. All you have to do is calibrate it. With the PAC SWI-RC all the steering wheal controls work. Volume, Track select, Hands Free Calling, Mute (Although it only quiets the music which is actually pretty cool) and Mode to select your source. Some folks said they had some problems with the hands free... Not for me.
Next was just putting it back together, which was as easy as taking it apart. Nice thing about Kia is that they use nice robbus clips that don't really break, and lots of screws to have fewer clips.
2015-01-16 21.50.49.jpg 2015-01-16 22.21.29.jpg

It took my about 2 hours to install, but over an hour of that was carefully taking the dash apart because I didn't know how strong the clips were, now knowing I think I could have gotten the dash off much quicker. Also, the picture here don't really do the fitting justice. It is almost spot on color of the dash board, just the flash on my camera must have show that it was slightly less reflective or something.

Got the Sub/Speakers installed and Amps mounted...
2015-03-15 18.36.36.jpg 2015-01-27 17.18.44.jpg 2015-03-15 18.36.15.jpg 2015-03-15 18.36.00.jpg 2015-03-15 17.43.35.jpg
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