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I am a self-fixer novice - please forgive my lack of proper lingo.

I suspect my blower resister is going out on my 2013 Optima Hybrid. The blower fan runs sporadically on all settings. The A/C compressor still works, just the fan is temperamental.

I went to AutoZone and purchased a new resistor but it only has one port for the cables. My existing resistor has two ports. I still plugged in the new purchase, and it didn't fix the problem.

After doing some deep internet searches and looking at manuals and diagrams, it looks like the Hybrid might have a blower "module/resistor", part Kia 97235A8000 which does have two ports. However, when entering my car make and model, the websites say this part will not fit my car/model.

Does anyone know the part number for the 2013 Optima Hybrid blower module? It's located under the passenger dashboard, near the glove box. I attached a picture. I see HCC P/N D608EBAAA on the existing one in my car. It has a large yellow port with red/black wires (leading to the blower) and a small white port with yellow/green wires leading back into the dashboard.

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