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I've searched all over the www and can't find exactly my problem. Actually, its not my problem as I sold my Optima about 2 months ago. The woman who bought it babysits for my son. She called him this morning, crying, the car won't start and everytime she tries, the alarm goes off. So he calls me out of a dead sleep and I'm trying to help diagnose it over the phone. BTW, this is the factory remote with the factory remote start. Unlock with the fob, get in to start, key in ignition, turn--no start and immediate alarm. Disarm with the remote and get 4 horn honks. We locked and unlocked with the remote and with the key, same result. He replaced the battery in the remote, same result. Finally he tried it and the alarm did not go off, but sounded like the car battery was dead. Tried jumping it--back to the alarm going off. When he locked it and tried the remote start he got 2 horn honks and no start. Finally he unlocked it from inside with the door switch, got out, locked and unlocked it with the key, got in and it started with no alarm!

What in the crap is going on? It did this with me a time or two in the 4 years I owned it, but I just kept locking and unlocking until it quit. How do we prevent this? Was it the remote battery? What in the world? This woman knows NOTHING about a car except where to put gas and we're trying to be as helpful as possible......

Any ideas???? Please!!!
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