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Hey Everyone,

I'm new here and this is the first mod I have considered. Like most LX owners with gray cloth interior, I am displeased with the look and function of the material which is why I have looked to salvaged SX models to seat swap with. Attached are pictures of the seats I'm considering($250). Clearly they need lots of TLC but don't seem to have any major red flags...

My understanding from reading previous threads on this site is that the back seats are quite simple to swap in and out without modification. However, the front seats of the SX have a power module that make a swap nearly impossible and will likely result in me re-skinning the LX seats with the SX seats(which I hear is a brutal process). I also read that Kia destines LX and SX models to be those trims forever which is why the swap is simply a PITA. I have no expectations to make use of the heating and cooling elements of the seat unless someone has found a simple way to make that work.

My question to you all is if there are any other write ups on this swap that have overcome these challenges and if the information I am working with seems accurate?

Thanks for your help in advance!



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