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So I have a 2013 optima EX. From my understanding this year and model does not come with HIDs stock but they do have the right type of head light housing that won’t blind people if you choose to use HIDs/LEDs ? I believe they are projectors ? What type of lighting comes stock in my car ?

For the last two years I’ve ran HIDs for my low beam and fog lights. Morimoto h11 and h8 bulbs. They worked great but as of now both fogs went out at the same time from what I think is water damage. And the low beams just seem to be getting older and not as bright. I’m looking to replace the bulbs and trying to decide if I should stick with HIDs or go the LED route ?

With my specific car and head lamp what makes more sense? Also would you suggest upgrading the high beams as well? Just looking to get some insight on what works best for this year optima. I always enjoyed my HIDs and from what I understand the projector housing that comes with our car pairs good with the HIDs.

Also is it best to use h11b for the lows and h8 for the fogs? I’ve heard of people using h11s and making them work but not sure if there’s any Benefit, Also I’ve heard people say the HIDs can burn the head lamp housing from getting to hot ( so what wattage bulb is best 35 or 55w ) and that LEDs run cooler but not sure how much brightness and distant I’ll sacrifice by switching to them. Any help is much appreciated!
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