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2012 Trunk Hinge Covers on the 2011

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I haven't done much to the optima lately. Wife has been driving it and loving it. But I was working on a customer's 2012 SX a few of weeks ago installing the LED rear reflectors and I noticed they have trunk hinge covers! I was like what the ****, we got gipped. So, after confirming it was a 2012 change... I immediately ordered the parts for about $60 for the pair. Installed them yesterday and below is the DIY. It makes a big difference to me, but I am kind of OCD so you might not think so. By the way, you won't find any mention of these in KGIS yet... I looked.

Things you need:
1. Both plastic covers. Part numbers, 81911-4C000VA and 81921-4C000VA (They are different as left has space for wires)
2. Drill bits or Multi bits
3. Matching paint pen (Not necessary but does add an OEM look to your new holes)
5. 4 Plastic push pins or Christmas trees (I used BMW ones I had on hand but you can use any type)
6. About 40 minutes of time
7. The balls/guts to drill into your factory hinges
8. A few zip ties - I used 4
9. Centerpunch - not 100% necessary but it makes drilling holes much easier and cleaner

BEFORE... don't mind the dirty trunk.

Step 1 - Undo the wire clips that organize your wires on the driver side trunk hinge. You won't reuse these.

You should be left with the above. I went ahead and loosely zip tied the trunk release cable and the wire bundle together. You can leave the wire clip on the bottom of the hinge. The one on the outside of the hinge. There is a relief on the new cover to accommodate it.

Step 2 - Now put your covers on so you can mark your holes for drilling. You can use a centerpunch like the one shown below to prevent your drill bit/mulit-bit from walking on you. This makes for much cleaner holes. The punch I use cost me less than $5 at Harbor Freight. Spend some time marking them EXACTLY where you want them because once the holes are drilled that's it. Check the fitment at the top most importantly since that is the most visible.

Step 3 - Above is the multi-bit that I use... bought a set at Harbor Freight. There are 3 sizes of bits and the set cost less than $8 if I remember correctly. Bought them awhile ago and I don't know how I ever got along without them. Much like the center punch. Time to drill. Nut up. I used a couple of towels to cover the paint on the car around where I would be drilling and also in the trunk. I don't like to get metal shavings anywhere near paint and it is super hard to get out of the trunk lining fabric because it grabs it. Now drill your holes where you marked. I can't give you a hole size because your hole will depend on which plastic push pins or Christmas trees you use. I drilled holes that are almost exactly the same size as the originals as it turned out. Worked out nicely.

Factory holes above. My new holes below. I also went and used my SWP paint pen to paint inside the holes for a factory look and to prevent corrosion. Leaving them bare would likely cause no problem at all... but again, I am a bit OCD.

Step 4 - Now arrange your harness so it sits right in the middle of the hinge as above and go ahead and install your new covers using the push pins you chose. Below is the end result.

It's a small thing, but adds a more luxury feel to me as the wire harness is now hidden. Looks cleaner imho. Let me know what you think... or if you have any questions/comments.
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Much nicer!

Fortunately the EX-Turbo already had those or I would be doing this mod.
Maybe for 2014 they'll get the trunk hinge right and in won't intrude in the interior space.
Looks great!

Nice work... looks factory..
That's because it is factory! ;)
It does look great but not for $60. I'm not that OCD:smile:
Thanks guys... it's one of those small things that I noticed immediately when working on the customer car. Now I feel much better opening our trunk.

It does look great but not for $60. I'm not that OCD:smile:
Ya, when he first told me the price... I was like "You're kidding, how much are they really?" LOL but I just had to bend over and take it. I AM that OCD... unfortunately.
my 2012 sx doesn't have this :(
my 2012 sx doesn't have this :(
Really?! Ours does. But then again, I have a crooked door, so there!! :unsure:
i think canadian optimas get jipped ....

I dont have the nicer seats I dont have these... cover things going to find out more and more :( should of saved a bit of money and went with the 2011

(only difference I know of is the power folding mirrors so far)
Interesting.... I will check this out shortly. Not seen these on Aussie cars yet.
Funny I read this thread as "All Optimas Don't Have Trunk Hinge Covers But Here's A Way To Get Them" , then proceeded to check my car, and I have them. I'm like wtf.

Came back inside only to read it again and :facepalm:
Neither does my newly bought SX from only a week ago :$. Seem like Kia is very inconsistent with their assembly line. Mine was assembled in March 2012.
Neither does my newly bought SX from only a week ago :$. Seem like Kia is very inconsistent with their assembly line. Mine was assembled in March 2012.
Do you live in the united states?
Do you live in the united states?
This is probably why.. All of the new SX cars made here have them!!
This is probably why.. All of the new SX cars made here have them!!
I see. Mine was made in Korea back in March of this year.
If someone want to order it for me in the US and send it to me, I'm a buyer!
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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