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This is my first post so please go light on me, although open to constructive criticism in terms of how to categorize or what info to include from the jump.

I'll try and keep this short. I failed Virginia State Inspection because my front blinker lamps do not stay on per my DRLs or my low beams. I never thought that was a requirement as I have passed two inspections prior without this being an issue. Although, I do like the idea of the blinker lamps running with the DRLs and low beams. I have aftermarket Halo DRL Projector headlamps that have never given me an issue. I had HIDs installed until a week ago but replaced with LEDs from SuperBrightLEDs because of the better technology and look.

I purchased some LEDs and the Blinker Genie 2 plus Load Equalizers to try and get this setup running the best I could and last as long as possible. I've hooked up the BG2/Equalizer per the instructions and can get it to do either, function as DRLs or to blink, but I cannot get them to do both at the same time. It is one or the other. and I believe that is due to the white wire that comes from the BG2 which is instructed to be connected to the "...turn signal circuit. This wire draws no current when the running lights are on, and draws the output current when the running lights are off." As I mentioned, I can get the blinker LEDs to stay on with the DRLs and blink, or stay off when DRLs are on and blink fine (no hyper flashing), but the cannot do both at the same time.

I've messed with different wire configurations for hours and no dice. Since my lights are aftermarket, I attribute that to part of the issue. Or it could be me not understanding where the white wire needs connecting. My blinker bulbs are BAU15S/PY21W config w/ the 150 degree mounting pins. There are only a positive (yellow) and ground (black) wire running from the aftermarket headlamp into the two wire blinker socket.

I am not sure if there is a wire in the main headlamp harness I can tap into to get the white wire from the BG2 where it needs to be or what, but am open to any and all suggestions. Tapping into fuse box, main headlamp harness, rear blinker harness, etc. Just need to get this fixed so I can pass inspection. Had 3 issues I failed for, 2 of which I've already fixed, but this is taking me through the ringer.

Any advice is appreciated. I will add some pictures in the morning, but attached links to all the products and instructions I am using. The headlamp assembly says the blinker lights are 1157's, but found out that is not the case the hard way. I have spare halogen 7507's that function fine.

Please give this newbie some advice!! I love my '12 Optima SX and have done multiple minor mods including replacing the reflectors in the rear bumper with LEDs and the remote start/multi-function controller both from K5OptimaStore, as well as installed a spare dual USB outlet under the driver's side dash... I do not know why I am having trouble with this.

Thank you for reading and look forward to any suggestions or advice!

All the Best,
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