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Purchased a 18 Optima SXL three months ago and started noticing a rattle noise. After going to the dealer twice they basically acknowledged the problem but told me I was SOL because they couldn’t find the issue. After this I dug into the car and found that the spring put on the 18 models broke. The spring is located under the waste gate arm were it bolts to the actuator. Not only was the spring broken but the boot around the end of the rod is torn and the washer between the spring and rod is warped. I don’t know what happened but the car also lacks power. A friend that works at Lexus told me this could’ve resulted in the waste gate being damaged because everything is now out of tolerance, thoughts?

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their 2018. Also, can anyone please post a picture of where the waste gate rod connects to the actuator. A picture with the boot lifted To where the spring is browsable will be greatly appreciated.

I’m taken the car back to the dealer this week but am wondering if the car was tampered with. I bought it as a CPO car and the dealer I’m working with already mentioned that this should’ve been caught by the selling dealer which concerns me about them fixing it....

Thanks in advance!
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