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2016 Optima LX 1.6 Eco-T
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I found a TSB about the trans judder isssue.

I am wondering if Kia is extending the warranty on the trans for 2nd owners to 10/100k because of this known issue

I only have 1 year left on warranty and do not want to spend needlessly for an extended warranty on the transmission

Has anyone had this TSB done on their car to replace the Dual Clutch and TCM reprogram? Did it fix the issue?
Did it come back again?

My car is juddering as I start off from stop. Cold or hot is doesnt matter. I am going to take to dealer to have them
fix this with TSB.

Finally, if this is just ignored and I keep driving with this happening, if this just an annoyance or is it going to end up
nuking the clutches and/or transmission?
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