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Yet another thread on converting NAVI to aftermarket HU

Climate Controls
First, the easy part, you can replace the NAVI control with dual-automatic climate control form Ebay and it's completely plug in play.

I pulled out the Navi HVAC. It is a "QF T-GDI" Model. I have a 2012 SX made in Georgia.

There are 4 other auto-climate control models with screen that i found on ebay with matching harness plugs
97250-2T100 - "TF CDP" Version numbers in single digits
97250-2T101 - "QF CDP" Version 18
97250-2T110 - "TF CDP" Version 12
97250-2T110 "QF T-GDI" version 15

I figure i should stick with QF and found 2T101 cheap so i bought that one, although the 2T111 would've probably been from the non-Navi SX based on the description.
Also, see my earlier post

I went with a Pioneer W4400NEX, which is a 7" Dual-Din with Wireless (or wired) Carplay and Android Auto.. It has GPS hookup, Sirius Hookup (via adapter), dual USB (one for Android one for Apple), and requires speed, parking brake, and reverse (for rear view camera) leads.

Dash Kit
I went with Metra 95-7345B

Pros - Cheap, the external piece matches well enough. You don't have to take off the gauge cluster, just remove a single screw to pull it out, because the head unit goes in first, and then the plate.
Cons - the brackets are plastic and flimsy. I had to shim the headunit a bit with double sided tape on the bottom because it sags a bit because of weight. Because it's a 2-piece, the alignment/depth of HU to trim is little bit annoying. Maybe this carav 11-191 would work better as it's once piece, but you will probably need to pull more of the gauge cluster to get the radio in there.

Sirius, GPS, Antenna
For AM/FM there are 2 car-side antenna connectors, one one is plug and play, the other does not get plugged in. FM/ HD Radio works fine, i didn't'test AM.
For GPS, you can either use included Pioneer GPS receiver dongle, or adapt the stock GPS lead (yellow cable, purple connector) to Pioneer AVIC-F to FARKA cable. I went with adapter.

For Sirius, for my head unit you needed a Sirius Car Kit SXV300. You can use the included Sirius antenna, or adapt the stock Sirius connector (Farka) to Sirius box (SMB). I used this adapter Maestro HRN-ANT-SAT1

This is where the things got annoying. HYBL-04 and HYKIA-01 is no longer available. The new "complete" harness is AX-HYKIA1-SWC. You also need the SPDIF converter for stock amp AX-HYKIA-SPDIF which is plug and play for this harness.

The harness is pre-wired, and has outputs for Parking, Speed and Reverse. It also has retained accessory power which our cars don't do (turn off car, radio plays until a door is open). It's also wired for a couple of different configurations (amp and no amp).

What worked - the sound portion worked fine - follow instructions to connect SPDIF module, and match the harness cables to head unit cables. Illumination and power did too.

What didn't work - the harness did not properly provide reverse and parking brake signals for me, which per Axxess support is "Because maybe your car model doesn't have it on the CAN bus" and were no help. Steering wheel control functionality also did not work until i manually flashed the unit. Finally, the fact that there are so many wires (most of which unneeded) tightly wrapped made it difficult to modify. With that in mind, i don't recommend it, and recommend looking at a different manufacturer for Steering Wheel controls and SPDIF conversion, a Metra 70-7304 or ebay-alternative harness (get a 2nd for extra pins) and just wiring everything manually between the car harness and head unit harness with necessary outputs for SPDIF. If you're buying a spare harness, get the same manufacturer (ie if using AX-HYKIA1-SWC, get a metra harness) because while the connectors are the same the pin style (how the pin is held in the connector) may be different.

NAVI Wiring Diagram
Connector A

Connector B

Adapting Harness to NAVI & Pioneer
For reverse, you need to connect the HU reverse signal to Connector A, Pin 9 (I reused Connector B Pin 2, by pulling the pin, and cutting the cable on the Axxess side)
For parking brake, i used AX-TRIG1 so i don't have to search for parking brake signal. Wire as instructed (accessory, amp turn-on wire, and ground)
For Power Antenna - Pioneer does no have a lead for it, so i wired it into the amp turn on lead, along with actual amp turn on wire and parking brake bypass
For Microphone - buy a 2.5mm mono cable, cut it, and connect Connector B Pin 10 to Positive/inner wire on the 2.5mm, and Pin 22 to Negative. This is where a spare harness with pig tails comes handy as you can just pull the pins + wires from spare and insert them into the Axxess harness for easy connectivity.
For Reverse Camera Power - you need AX-CAM6V. I wired the 12V "Reverse" wire to the accessory so that camera always gets power. For ground, you need to connect the AX-CAM6V Ground, Car Ground (either use ground wire on harness, or add a pin for connector B pin 23, which is also ground) and camera power ground (connector A, pin 4), which is wired as a speaker output on the Axxess harnes so i just re-used the wire. Finally, connect the AX-CAM6V Camera Power wire to Connector A Pin 11 (it's also speaker wire on the Axxess)

For Reverse Camera Video - buy a video RCA cable, cut it, and connect Connector A, pin 2 to positive/inner wire, and Connector A pin 3 to negative-outer wire. On the axxess side, these are non-amped speaker wires so you can cut and splice to the RCA.

ON the Navi, the USB cable is separate 4-pin cable from the NAVI that stays separate on the bottom aux/usb module. This cable works - Axxess AX-HYKIAUSB-2 but my pioneer head unit would error disable the USB port if i used it the cable. I think the aux/usb module is the culprit as there's a circuit board there.
I just ran 2 usb extension cables on the side. Since the head unit is wireless, you don't really need to use those cables much.

EDIT: Sound Quality
I'm having some sound distortion issues at higher levels from left and right dash speakers. The Pioneer needs to be cranked up pretty high volume wise at normal listening volumes, and adjusting source level (which meant to match source levels to radio) adds more distortion. The interface does not mention a gain control unlike HYBL-04 and HYKIA-01. I'll see what support says.

EDIT: Sound Quality Update
The pot on the side of the interface does in fact make the system louder/adjust gain, even with spdif module. I recommend cranking it up to max clock-wise. Fixed my sound issue distortion from cranking the volume too high up on the headunit. The pot adjustment is back in documentation on AX-HYKIA3-SWC (for newer MY cars). Would be nice if it was documented from the get-go.

My Complete Harness:

Complete Install:


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Awesome Writeup. I'm looking to do this myself, wanted to ask a few questions if you don't mind!

1.) I have a 2013 optima hybrid EX, with the Navi unit + Pioneer Speakers. Is this comparable to the sound system you were upgrading?
2.) Are there specific HVAC plates based on where the vehicle was manufactured? i see you said yours was made in Georgia, wondering if that makes an impact on which HVAC. I guess i'm wondering how you know yours is "QF T-GDI"
3.) What happens if you dont integrate the factory amp with the AX-HYKIA-SPDIF? I was interested in doing Maestro RR which i think would be in place of the SPDIF, just wondering the pro's and con's.

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1) I have no idea, sorry. I have Navi + Infiniti + Amp. Both Navi and Amp make things different from a harness pinout perspective.
2) QF = Georgia, TF=Florida. T-GDI i'm assuming is Turbo Gas Direct Injected. No idea what CDP is but if you pull out the NAVI button controls, see what it says on yours. My Navi said QF T-GDI, i purchased QF CDP, the connectors were the same, and everything works. According to alldatadiy for the automatic controls (Navi and non-navi) there's only 1 pin-out. There are 2 different types of smaller connectors which is for the defogger - auto and non-auto defogger. The non-auto defogger is a small connector, and it's on my navi controls as well as all of the other part numbers i listed.
EDIT: looking at eBay the hybrid navi and non-navi have the bigger larger auto-defogger connector.
Non-Navi control (4th picture)
NAVI HVAC controlls (4th picture)

Looks like for controlls you'd need 97250-4U400 (or 401 or 402), but i'd pull yours out and make sure it says TF HEV CDP on the label and compare it to the non-navi labels on ebay

3) The amp receives the audio signal via SPDIF, and the volume level is controlled via canbus. It seems that the only option for amped cars is the Metro interfaces (AX-HYKIAx-SWC + AX-HYKIA-SPDIF). Looking at the maestro RR & RR2 site, it's only compatible with non-amped models so there will be no spdif conversion or volume control, ie it won't work. Assuming all navi configs are amped, you have to go with the Metra module.

Hope this helps
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