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OK, the basics. I've got a 2015 LX. It has about 1300 miles on it now. I've swapped the stock 16's for some nice AR 383 (18x8 ET40) and some Falken G4 Pro's (235x45). The car looks good and I'm beginning to plan the adventure. I've spent the time since I bought the car scouring the forum(s) and online for mod information. Here's where I am:

1. Ultra Racing FSTB - On the way!
2. Spyder CAI - first thing
3. Megan Street Series coilovers - next mod, will drop the car about an inch, depends on looks.
4. Cat back system, not decided yet.

Once the above is done I'll decide if the sway bars need upgrading. I'm pretty demanding of my vehicles.

I'm not planning a racer car, just a basic driver that is fun.

Future dreams do involve one of those ethereal Sterling 2.4L turbo kits. But that's a ways down the road for me. I paid an extra $2K to extend the bumper to bumper all the way out to 10yr/100K.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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