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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, just bought an Optima SX, love it, intend to mod it and race it. See you on track !:thumbsup:
  2. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Hello forums, I come to you pretty angry right now, So I bought some "Super White" H11B bulbs from amazon for my 2013 Kia Optima Lx, after installing them, I was very excited. Until I turned on my light.. both were still yellow bulbs.. Is there no way to make my light white? Do i need to change...
  3. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Just an FYI. Tried to pick up 4 Michelin Pilot Super Sports today and the 235/45/18's are discontinued. Also i could have settled for the 225/45/18 stock size but they were a 4 to 6 week wait as they were coming directly from France. This was according to the sales rep from my local discount...
  4. K5OS - 2016-2020 Kia Optima Products
    Is excited to finally bring to the Optima community: 2016-2018 Kia Optima Rear Sequential Bumper LED Light (BUY NOW) Description: Separate your new 2016-2018 Kia Optima from the rest with these brand new custom sequential bumper LED lights LEDs are installed in OEM factory bumper reflectors &...
  5. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Just how good is MOBIL SUPER 5000 conventional oil (non-synthetic)? I'm bringing this oil with me to the dealer (5W-20), for my first oil change on my '15 Optima. The dealer uses nothing but 5W-30 on all of there oil changes, no matter what model type. This is fine but I prefer to use what the...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Want to build HP and TQ as fast as possible. ANy suggestions?
  7. Blog
    What's up fellow Optima owners, Just thought i'd share a finding with you all that i found while searching the internet for parts and accessories to add on my 13 Optima SX. I was just emailing David over at K5 Optima Store and sent him this link of what i found.: HKS 71008-AK001...
  8. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Have not posted in awhile but have always been lurking for new ideas! New emblems are headed our way and I must say they look pretty sick. Images are property of Sherwood Automotive I think...but they are like the gen-coupe style wing badge with the broken K emblem as its center...
  9. United States
  10. United States
    So one of the biggest sports events is coming up. What is everyone doing? Should we do a get together for the game?
1-10 of 32 Results