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  1. Spare key?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I recently just got a 2012 Kia Optima lx but it only came with 1 key I was wondering if you guys knew where the best place to find a spare online is?
  2. What's the Condition of Your Spare Tire?

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Does your vehicle have a Spare Tire? In the event that your vehicle does have a spare assembly, whether it be full size or a compact, do you know the condition? Like other tires, a spare tire can be impacted from exposure to UV, from heat, and other conditions. To avoid having spare tire...
  3. 2014 Optima - Why no spare tire in trunk?

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    OK - so this is completely my fault. I purchased a 2014 Optima EX a year ago. First time buying a newer vehicle. It didn't even register with me that the car wouldn't have a spare tire in the trunk. I noticed about a month ago, it has the tire repair kit. No spare tire and no jack. Any...
  4. No Spare tire in 2018 Optima

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    The new 2018 Optima EX which I was planning to buy does not come with a spare tire, only the mobility kit which includes a can of stop leak and a tire inflator pump. The lack of spare tire is a deal breaker for me although I hear Amazon is now selling some temporary spares with jacks. Hyundai...
  5. 2015/2016 SXL - Can you fit a full size (18") spare in them?

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    Took our 2011 EX back to the dealer to get the MDPS coupling replaced yesterday and while we waited, we checked out a 2016 SXL. SWMBO loved it (the EX is her car!), especially all the tech on it. I installed a full size (17") EX wheel in our EX a few years back as we do a lot of long road trips...
  6. Deadening the Trunk - Cover Spare Tire or Deaden Underneath?

    Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    SSD Link to Trunk I often see this type of trunk application, CLD then MLV underneath the spare tire. But I was thinking, why not layer the MLV above the spare tire, sealing it in? I would think this would be easier to apply, and help with any potential rattle from the spare tire, tire iron...
  7. Love our new Optima EX - clarification on spare please

    New Member Introductions
    Tire mobility kit and roadside assistance sound OK but: I want a 17" spare so does the spare tire kit come with a 17" donut? I would prefer a full size spare if it will fit and if so, any suggestions on finding the right jack and lug wrench without having to buy a kit with a donut I don't...
  8. Using a full size spare tire in Optima trunk wheel well.

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    My 2O12 Optima EX came with the "tire mobility kit." I bought a refurbished wheel, a new tire, tpms, spare tire hold down bolt, and a used car jack tool kit. Tire is 215/55R17 and fits perfectly. This wheel and tire should be able to be rotated with the others.
  9. Spare Tire ?

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    My wife had our 2014 Ultima EX (12,000 KM) at work yesterday & called me with a flat tire. Being the guy I am, I hustled in to see what could be done. The tire was flat with a large screw deeply imbedded in the front passenger tire. One of the girls she works with had a mini compressor which I...
  10. One more spare tire question....

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    I've run most of the threads that came up in the search, but I'm not sure I ever found the answer--I have a '13 LX. Will a factory wheel (just like the ones on the car) with a factory-sized tire fit in the spare tire well? I'm not really interested in a space saver. What other Kia steel...
  11. New Member - Just wondering about spare tire

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    Hi- Just bought a 2014 Optima Ex with Technology & Premium Packages. Nice car. Seems crazy to have no spare tire. Just wondering if members recommend buying a donut or if a full-sized spare will fit in the space if I remove the blocks. Don't want to buy the wrong thing. NGlassman Norfolk VA
  12. Optimaforums helped with spare tire issue.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi,I'm in Clearwater, Florida. Recently got a 2014 Optima. With only 180 miles on it, had a flat tire - no spare. 3/4 inch push in fastener is all it took (see photo). KIA Road Service said that since I didn't have a spare they would only tow it to the closest dealer. Got the tire repaired...
  13. Spare tire securing screw

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    Does anybody know what is the thread of screw that comes with factory spare tire kit and where could I get something similar (screw with plastic mounting cap)? I have full size spare and wanted to buy oem kit without actual donut wheel but that is not possible. I'm not gonna pay $100 for the kit...
  14. Spare tire

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    I run 235/50/18s and purchased a used 225/50/17 tire for a spare today from discount tire. After reading and figuring out the difference, the difference seems to be more than expected. They gave me a great deal with a nice (close) aftermarket to what I have) although I'll be heading back on...
  15. [FS] : New 16" LX wheels/tires off 2013 Optima - Need spare?

    Classified Forum
    New 16" LX wheels/tires that came off my 2013 Optima. Perfect for spares. No TPMS. Tires have less than 400 miles. Remaining wheels are perfect, absolutely as new. I kept #4 as a full size spare. Located in Boise, Idaho area. $100 per wheel/tire + shipping (if needed).
  16. Need a spare key to carry in my wallet

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    My 2013 LX has a different type of key (not a smart) key, the cut is in the center of the key not on the outer edge. Can a locksmith cut these keys or do you have to buy from a dealer? I've seen a couple of threads about "flip keys" what are these?
  17. Spare Tire?

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    In the trunk, underneath everything, where a spare would usually be, i have a styrofoam tray with a small air compressor inside. Do these cars not come with a spare tire or did my dealership do something different? Sorry no pics but i think most of you will know what and where i am talking...
  18. Spare Tire + Trunk Mat Problem

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    I've searched and I've searched and I haven't found anyone here on the forums with my problem. Like everyone else, my Lx came witha fix a flat kit. I bought the spare tire donut kit from The Kia dealer and my dad and I put it all in the trunk according to the instructions. My problem is this...
  19. FS: Houston spare rim and tire, mudflaps, badges

    United States
    looking for local deals for now, to lazy to ship "I have a 2012 17" rim and tire without the tpms sensor I used as a spare for sale 100obo also a set of mudflaps retail was $60, so $40 obo 2011 Optima K5 Mud guard Mud flaps 4ea Kia OEM - Steering wheel and wheel badges, $40obo...
  20. Roadside Assistance/No Spare Tire, Rant!!

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    Got a flat! Big screw, went all the way through the side wall, even scuffed the inside of the rim. Great, no spare. Fix-A-Flat, not going to do the trick. Call Kia roadside assistance, truck shows up. Guy tells me it will scratch the car pulling it up on the rollback. Don't want that, its brand...