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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone I’m jared from Michigan and I own a 2010 Kia Optima ex! I love it and I’m using this forum to see some tutorials but it tells me the images are blocked unfortunately.
  2. Engine and Technical Discussion
    So a month ago i had an issue where passing a car i heard a pop sound and lost boost above 3000rpm...and you could hear the turbo whine loudly turns out the intercooler i changedbit today..i appears that the road salt up here in canada at weakened the intercooler lower tank to...
  3. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Hi! Haven't been on the forum in a while and just decided to tell you guy's how the Optima's been doing! We bought the car on February 18th-ish of 2016. So it's been about a 1 year and a half. And the car has been doing great! Got the oil changed on the 19th of this month. Which was 2k miles...
  4. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    It looks like this section should be able to be "lit-up" Any takers? Thank you for the input.
  5. Pictures and Videos
    Just bought a 13 optima, silver! Looking for some inspiration!
  6. Hybrids
    Installed my Catch Can almost a year ago. Left what I got out of the can in a cup outside in the cold. The three layers consist of Oil/???/Water(top down). Looks like it really does its job.
  7. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Just as the thread states. I've seen a couple of media photos of my Lane Warning/Traction Control/Heated Steering wheel and I'm convinced mine was switched. Not that it's a big deal if it was, just makes me wonder about the QC. What I've generally seen is from left to right; Traction Control...
  8. United States
    Lets get our own little photo thread...lets see the "Optimas of Arizona" Here is my 2014 SXL
  9. Hybrids
    The 2014 HSH just became available Used Cars, New Cars, Reviews, Photos and Opinions - CarGurus
  10. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    So I saw these and figured I would grab a few and am excited to try them out, though I am modifying them to improve their performance. I am swapping out the white(6000K???) LED's with some generic 3W red LED's and the appearance is improved 10 fold, it seems negligible in these photos but in...
  11. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Hello ladies and gentlemen. So I'm planning on getting a set of niche milan m137s in 19s and im wondering if I'll be able to see the concave difference between the two? Fronts will be 19x8.5 35et and the rears would be 19x9.5 35et. I know a staggered set up of 19x8.5 and 19x10 shows a big...
  12. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Mike will probably chime in, but did I read in another post (can't find again) that the 3.0 K's are getting a tweak to be same size as the 2013+ emblems? I think he said Q1 2014? I want to get the full set front/rear/steering/and wheels, but only if they are direct replacement size. Thanks in...
1-12 of 39 Results