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  1. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    ive noticed that when my iphone friends have there phones connected to my bluetooth that it shows the callers name. on my samsung s4 it never shows the name of the person just there number? how do i get my contact names to display ?? i know this is very small thing but i was just wondering.
  2. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Just figured I'd let everyone know that the Samsung Note 4 and my '14 SXL pair up with no issue. The UVO app is even showing that it's fully compatible with my Note 4. My Note 3 always came up with an error saying that it wasn't 100% compatible. Any other Note 4 users out there?
  3. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Hey, Like the titles says it, i installed switchback LED yesterday, and after taking it for a drive for like 15min, when i came back, i noticed both side were flickering. One side more then the other. This is the 2nd set of switchback i'm trying, and I didn't have any problem with the other...
  4. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Hi all Currently I use some 30x5050 SMD H8 bulbs (6000K) for my foglights. But I'm not completely satisfied with the light intensity. In daylight they look dull and boring. Only in the evening/night they look good. And yes I use LED for the looks! the 5050 SMD chips are the better ones, they...
  5. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. I have a 2012 Optima SX with Nav, and ever since I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S II to Ice Cream Sandwich earlier this week, the Contacts won't import from the phone to the car. Before upgrade when the phone was running...
1-5 of 33 Results