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  1. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Black Friday is about a month away from now. I was doing some searching on this site about the past years with Black Friday and still had some questions. I was wondering what sites have Black Friday deals for our cars? By our cars I mean primarily Kia Optima/ Kia products. I seen some have in...
  2. Classified Forum
    Looking for black or CB spoiler for a 13 EX. I really like the SEQUENCE TF (down below) one but I cant seem to find it anywhere. Not super excited in ome spoiler but I would take it for the right price. Let me know. thanks.
  3. The Dealership
    Traded my 2012 Hybrid for the 2014 this weekend and had a great experience with there. They made me feel comfortable through each step and was able to get me at the numbers I wanted plus they also swapped my tires over and gave me a 2014 hybrid to drive for a few hours while they took care of...
1-3 of 36 Results