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  1. The Service Center
    For some reason my light switch on my overhead panel is jammed in the middle off position. it does not stop me from pushing the lights themselves to turn on and off but it does not allow me to have the lights come on when I enter the car, etc. Anyone know how I fix that?
  2. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Hey guys, I need to replace the overhead lamp assembly on my 2012 Optima SX. This is actually the second one I've had to replace (first one was under the 60k bumper-to-bumper warranty). The switch to control when the dome lights turn on has gone defective. From my research this one appears to...
  3. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I wanted to add some accent red LED lighting to the overhead console. I miss this feature which was on my Accord and Saturn Aura. I could have purchased the SX console, but I believe the LED lighting is white which I did not want. So I scoured my local junk yard and found that the B6 Audi...
  4. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Have anyone replaced the white overhead LED light between the map lights to red? I think red match the interior better at night time. I wonder it will work if I simply mark it with a red Sharpie? ;)
  5. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I want to hardwire my radar detector onto the moodlight and/or sunroof. I unscrewed the two screwed inside the sunglasses holder, and what to do next? How do I open it? I don't want to break anything so I'm here for some help. Also, how do you open the left side panel by the fuse...
  6. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Does anyone know how to remove the overhead console in a 2012 SX? I found the two screws in the sunglass holder (after looking on kiatechinfo), but after removing them, the console doesn't budge. I pried at it a little, but was afraid I would break it. Anyone know how to remove this?
  7. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I was talking to a dude from best buy today, he said that he will never hardwire anything to overhead sunroof. it will cause problem in the long run. Can you guys explain to me if that's a true statement, if it's not, which cables should i tab in? Thx
1-7 of 7 Results