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  1. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Hello, I just purchased this today and I was curious since I am running the LAP3 Uncle Chip Tune if any other readings than "boost" will be inaccurate due to the chip. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks, David
  2. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Can anyone recommend an OBDII bluetooth scanner that works well with our cars ?
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Has anyone by any chance used this or something similar on our K5's and how does this work? One of my Sponsers sent me this free and I have no idea what the heck it does or what app for an iPhone to even use it on. Anything would be highly appreciated !!! Thanks in advanced! -Blinky_K5
  4. The Service Center
    So I bought an OBDII WIFI sensor off amazon and a OBDII splitter. I already run the valentine one radar detector with Savvy off the current port, hence the need for a splitter. Does anyone know if I will have a problem running both off of a splitter or has anyone tried this yet?
  5. New Member Introductions
    Where is OBDII located on 2012 Kia Optima Please?
  6. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    I need a picture of one for R&D for a possible tuner. Can anyone go snap a pic of the one in their 11-13 SX? I would just go look at mine but I am at work and it is at home....40 miles away!
  7. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Let me know what you guys think... Dial Needle Display: Digital Display: (sorry, a bit shaky)
1-7 of 7 Results