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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, This is my dream car. I rented one a few years ago for a road trip and knew this would be my next vehicle. Unfortunately my purchase experience has been a nightmare that led to lawsuit and settlement from Kia to get a new engine (and an ongoing lawsuit with the dealership). I'm...
    Every year the auto shows are about getting more and more exciting, Richard and Greg got out of the shop to bring you the first-hand coverage of the most breathtaking car releases showcased past week at 2018 NY International Auto Show! Walking through all three floors of the enormous Javits...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi All, I started this in the "new member" section but now that I have 5 posts I am starting this in the correct section. Also, munky should merge the rest into this for reference. Much of what I will share would be duplicated, so I will try and urge those that have not followed from the...
  4. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Miles. Be intersting to hear from folks with high mileage, how your Optimas is holding up and what kinds of systems will likely need attention as our cars age. Also wonder if you'd buy another Kia.
  5. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    I desperately want to upgrade my factory UVO on my 2013 Optima EX with the latest & greatest UVO System. Does anyone know where I can get one & have it installed? I have found other radios to install but I cannot find one that I can send & receive text messages through. PLEASE HELP!
  6. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Who is running the most aggressive wheel fitment on their optima? Bagged, static, lowering springs or stock suspension? We should really make a thread that shows only AGGRESSIVE fitment vs any fitment. I am about to run 19x9.5 +25 on probably Megan Racing coilovers or D2 Racing coilovers...
  7. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Hey all so last weekend me and my wife head off to Oklahoma for the weekend out of Dallas Lawton Oklahoma to be precise, anyway we leave and my GPS tells us arrival time of over 4 hours! Now my wife is from Oklahoma and says that's not right and we check the route and has us going all the way...
1-7 of 48 Results