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  1. New Member Introductions
    Just bought our sxl and looking forward to talking with everyone. I will also be documenting my SQ build as I go. Hope to talk with everyone soon!
  2. Events and Meets
    2017 SOCAL Optimania Meet 8/26/17 - Presented by K5 Optima Store K5 Optima Store is excited to announce our second annual SoCal Optimania event!!! All KDM vehicles are welcome, but this will mainly be an Optima event. Come hang out with K5 Optima Store and fellow Optima owners! Last year we...
  3. United States
    Me and my friend (also optima owner) would like to get back into the scene. Any meets go on? Or events?
  4. United States
    Anyone in and around the Tampa Bay area wanna get a meet going? I'm in the St pete/Clearwater area. Looking to meet some new people and check out everyone's rides.
  5. United States
    Hey everyone I just wanted to know who all is planning on going to the meet Aug 13th in Vero beach. I just registered a few days ago and looking for some people to roll down there with. I live in the Tampa Bay area in clearwater/st Petersburg. Who's all going?
  6. Pictures and Videos
    Just a few pics from SoCal Optimania!!! We had 25 Optimas show up for the event! It was great meeting everyone, can't wait for the next event!
  7. United States
    Alright folks the time is now here. K5 Optima Store will be hosting another large K5 Optima meetup in the San Fernando Valley. Details & information are below, we will be taking a head count of all members going & update this thread accordingly. All KDM owners are welcome to come out to the...
  8. Kia Optima News, Rumors and Updates
    The OptimaForums Midwest Mega Meet is right around the corner! We have two days of activities planned, including an install day, a KIA dealership takeover, raffle prizes, food, and car photos! Be sure to check out the website for more information, and to sign up if you'd like to stop by and...
  9. United States
    New here so just wondering if anyone know if there are any meetups in sacramento california area ??
  10. United States
    In some works to bring kdm meet to NJ this summer stay tuned will keep ya posted. :D
  11. Events and Meets
    Anyone interested in meeting if we get enough people we can find a mutual ground for everyone so everyone is not having to drive so far? Just an attempt to see some other optimas! Thanks in advance
  12. United States
    I know it's months away fellas but why not prepare for a meet! I'm willing to drive anywhere from Boston down to New Jersey! Any thoughts on this? Big meet and greet and some BBQ and some mod chats :) . I'm down!!! Lmk
  13. United States
    Lewisville, TX. Hooters 1960 Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX 75067 2pm-6pm September 19th. This Saturday.
  14. Events and Meets
    I'm trying to get a bunch of us together! Anyone from around the NC area or anywhere close to NC want to do a little gathering?? Just tired of seeing the same cars every weekend!!
  15. United States
    Here is a video and a photo I took from the cruise event on Saturday. (Watch in HD where available) It was nice meeting all of the new faces that came out and great seeing all of you. Stay tuned for the next big meet in September of this year.
  16. Canada
    Hey Ontario! We're having our 2nd meet this summer and looking to the community for availabilities. The options this year are Richmond Green or back to our friendly host Bryan (w00sah) in Peterborough for another BBQ. This is an all-day event (if you want to stay) so feel free to bring the...
  17. Canada
    Planning to head up to La Paloma/Smart Center in Woodbridge, for the regular Thursday Night Car Meet. Muscle Cars, Bikes, Exotics, and Imports. There's 2 of us going, a friend with a nicely modded 2012 EX-Turbo. It's completely informal, if any of you guys want to hook up, going to try to get...
  18. United States
    To all you Jersey owners, reply to the thread under (North Jersey?) and let us know if you're coming Lets talk Optima's and mods, will be a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!! ---------- Post added 06-10-2015 at 08:12 AM ---------- Previous post was 06-09-2015 at 03:08 PM ---------- Come join us at the...
  19. United States
    Hello! Its me again just giving you a friendly reminder of our upcoming April Nebraska meet! Just over 2 weeks out! Just enough time for most to request off work! its our biannual Weekend meet! so please try your hardest to come out and support! What: Nebraska Meet! When: April 18th 7AM till...
1-19 of 168 Results