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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I'm the proud owner of two Kia Optima's , the first we bought new in 2011. It is a spicy red EX turbo. My wife drove it for her work, she is self employed and puts on a fair amount of highway miles. We were looking for nice looking, comfortable, and good mileage with performance...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Sup guys, Here is my 2015 K5 LX. All stock right now but got some mods planned out over the winter. Boston based here, so if any of yall are in New England, hit me up!
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey everybody. Newbie to this forum and K5...but not a newbie to cars in general ? But I do hope to be of help when I can, and receive help when needed as well. It’s great being here.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, I'm Ryan from Ogden UT. I recently purchased a new 2017 Optima EX. It's such a nice car, has all the options including pano sunroof. Or I should say had a pano sunroof. It's currently sitting at the dealership waiting for new glass to be installed. I've had it 3 months, and up to this...
  5. New Member Introductions
    What’s up everyone my name Is Ray and I bought a 2015 Kia Optima SXL in September and just now getting around to joining, love the car it’s amazing and looking forward to interacting with everyone on here and seeing what’s up!!
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi all! I've owned my dark cherry 2012 EX for a few years now. I love it! I'm a middle aged guy who's fairly handy and I look forward to finding and sharing info with other members. Thanks! Brian
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello All. New member from Chicago. First time on any sort of Forum. Got a 2017 SX-L (will be posting the story and photos in my garage later) and I'm wondering if anyone has heard talks about body mods coming for the 2016 - up. I realize this body is still within a couple years old. I've seen...
  8. New Member Introductions
    New to the forum. I have a 2015 Optima EX that is the next car to turn into a project of constant upgrades. Hope to find good info on the forum. Thanks Steve
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, Thank you for having me on this forum, I have owned my 2011 Optima LX (manual trans) for about 4 years now, and have gathered quite a bit of information from this site over the years. I figured I would join and attempt to contribute some of the...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello all! So I just picked up a used 2013 Optima LX. Kind of bear bones but it was inexpensive with low miles. I'm going to make tweaks here and there visually first. Then I might get into the performance side (but what can you really do with the base model engine). Sure this forum will...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hello All, Started driving a 2017 SX. Loving it so far. My last car was a 2016 Civic Turbo, What a difference. The fit and finish on the interior and the power is no contest. looking forward driving this for the next 10,000 KMs!
  12. New Member Introductions
    hii, i am bhawna verma. nickname bhawnaa660
  13. New Member Introductions
    I'm not big on intros but this posting is a requirement; I generally don't post much in forums, I'm mainly a reader/researcher. Name/Nickname: Becky Location: Chesterfield, Michigan We purchased a 2016 Kia Optima LX (back of car has the FE instead of LX on it hence why I put both on my...
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, My name is Rory and I'm live in Folsom, CA, right outside of Sacramento. I just bought my first Optima a few days ago! I decided to join since I'll be keeping it for a while and want to customize it to my liking. I noticed the K5 Optima store is a profile on this forum too. I feel like...
  15. New Member Introductions
    To all the new guys! Welcome to the forums as its crazy to reply to X amounts of members individually! Hope you are happy with the Optima as I was and still am, congrats to any new purchases and welcome to those who have been lurking on the forums! Best wishes to you all and happy modding...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Just wanted to chime in and say hello to all the k5 owners. :cool::thumbsup: ---------- Post added at 04:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:24 PM ---------- it all started in 2014, I had the itch to mod this vehicle. Several years later 2016. I have many thanks to say (DAVE)-K5OPTIMA...
  17. New Member Introductions
    I am David Jones and have a Kia Optima. Live in Birmingham, AL 35226
  18. New Member Introductions
    I just leased my second Optima a 2016 and so far happy, but a few details need to be corrected.
  19. New Member Introductions
    My username tells you how I feel since I got the letter telling me my 2012 Optima's engine may quit at anytime. I have no confidence that the car I've thoroughly enjoyed for 4 years will bring me home from errands and the vacation trips we've planned for this summer. I live in SC. My...
  20. New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, First off, thanks for having a site to join for such an awesome car. I just bought my 2015 Optima Ex (Satin Metal) on 6/18/16. It was Brand new for $21,500 with only 126 miles. The pictures are what the dealer had on their site (I'll post pictures of my own once I make some small...
1-20 of 113 Results