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  1. New to Forum and New to Auto Mods

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I am highly interested in pursuing to charge up my 2013 kia optima as a new hobby to keep me busy at home.I saw some body kits and was interested in some price ranges and guidance I should look into, plus i have to do my casual repairs for fluids, brakes/rotor, my tricky ball...
  2. Interior Lights Not Coming on When Doors Open

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    2015 EX, noticed this morning that my interior lights were not turning on when any of the doors open, overhead switch is in the middle position, I believe that is 'Auto'. Lights work if I manually engage them... Any thoughts on this problem? Not sure if this is just a coincidence but I just had...
  3. Removal of shift knob on 14 LX

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    It's not the same as the 11-13 unfortunately as it doesn't just come off, from the looks of it its glued in. Anyone got any idea's? I'm just looking to put a aftermarket one on.
  4. Interior Lighting and underglow

    Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone has suggestions about what brand to stick with for interior lighting and underglow. Interior: I want to put lighting into the footwells in the front and under the drivers and the passenger seat. But I want it to be fully colour changeable with a remote...
  5. Interior door lock rocker rattles w/ music

    New Member Introductions
    My driver side front door lock rocker "rattles", which is noticed during volumes of 15-30ish. Naturally, higher volume fixes the issue by masking it :) lower volume and driving does not cause this item to vibrate annoyingly though. Anyone else have the exact issue and able to fix it? If it's...
  6. Interior replacement bulb

    4TH Generation Optima (2016- )
    I have a light out over the rear passenger door of my car. (Only 3k miles. I'm HOPING it's just a bulb) I've previous had LED lights in the interior of other vehicles and I don't like the brightness. Does anyone know a part # for the OEM bulbs in the SXLs?
  7. DRL Light Interior Light Switch Mod Ideas?

    DIY Projects
    Was seeing if anyone has added a switch to their dash for controlling added DRLs. Have a pair of DRL's that I'm trying to have installed but I want a way to manually control them. Any and all types of switches. Post your pics! Thanks!
  8. 2011 Kia Optima SX - Interior Accent Lighting

    Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I've had my vehicle for 5 years. Over the years I've taken less notice of the interior accent lighting and presently at a point where i have no idea where they are. Now i'm wondering if any of the bulbs need replacement. Does anyone have a list of where all the accent lights are in the interior...
  9. CF Interior Wrap

    Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Late night MOD. Decided to try out my wrapping skills on some interior parts. A little heat gun and lots of patience...... Working on the other trim which seem to be more challenging then the center one. Hopefully I can get some daylight pics:cool:
  10. 2015 Optima - Longterm Interior wear survey

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    Hey guys, I want to know what parts of the interior of the 2015 Optima with leather are most prone to wear over time. Any visible damage to report after normal use? (erased buttons labels, cracked leather etc..) Also please specify if your car is usually parked in the sun. ---------- Post added...
  11. [VENDOR][FS]: 2011-2015 Kia Optima Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel - K5 Optima Store

    K5OS - Carbon Fiber Products
    Is excited to bring to the Optima community, the: 2011-2015 Kia Optima Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel (BUY NOW) Description: This is a fully customized genuine Kia Optima OEM steering wheel Your OEM wheel controls and components transfer from your wheel, to the new wheel The product...
  12. [VENDOR][FS]: (NEW) 2016-2018 Kia Optima Rear Sequential Bumper LED Lights - K5 Optima Store

    K5OS - 2016-2019 Kia Optima Products
    Is excited to finally bring to the Optima community: 2016-2018 Kia Optima Rear Sequential Bumper LED Light (BUY NOW) Description: Separate your new 2016-2018 Kia Optima from the rest with these brand new custom sequential bumper LED lights LEDs are installed in OEM factory bumper...
  13. Interior Fuses on '16+

    Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Does anyone know what fuses the 2016+ model uses for the interior fuse box? The fuses look different from the 2012 model fuses. I tried searching the manual and asking KIA customer service and there has been no answer from each.
  14. Interior LED help?

    DIY Projects
    This is not directly Kia related, but could easily apply to them as well. I have acquired a full-size conversion (raised roof) van and would like to install some led lighting strips. My question is--are there any kind of diffusers that you can slip the strips into that will give the light...
  15. The Front Office

    Pictures and Videos
    What's the view like from the driver's seat of your K5/Optima? Feel free to comment, and contribute!
  16. Cleaning interior door panel

    The Detailing Corner
    The lower half of the interior of my doors always gets kicked by me and everyone else and everything that enters and exits my car. There's no scratches but there's that discoloration (dirt) that I find very tough to "scrub off" with a wash cloth. Any tips for cleaning this hard plastic?
  17. 2013 - Modded interior LED's - Car won't start - 10A memory fuse good - What to do?

    The Service Center
    So of course I just start messing with the car and instantly screw up. I totally should have unplugged the battery before swapping all the interior bulbs. With that admission out of the way, I'd like to recount what happened and where I'm at to see what the next course of action is. I'm totally...
  18. Interior color for SXL?

    4TH Generation Optima (2016- )
    I'm looking to get an SXL in Titanium, and the two interior color choices are Ivory and Aubergine. Really torn between the two. Anyone have any preferences/recommendations?
  19. Interior Mood Lighting??

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    So I have had my 2014 SXL for about a year and a half now I suppose and have always wondered why they only put the red mood lighting in the interior above the ipod/usb/aux slot in the center console. I saw on the Kia Souls that they put this red mood lighting under the interior door handles...
  20. [VENDOR][FS]: 2011-2015 Kia Optima Center Console Tray Insert - K5 Optima Store

    K5OS - Interior & Exterior Products
    Is excited to bring to the Optima community: 2011-2015 Kia Optima Center Console Tray Insert (BUY NOW) Description: Kia Optima aftermarket center console tray insert allows for an additional 4 compartments of storage Hard durable direct molded plastic, which fits the center console near...