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  1. High Performance
    I have a 2019 Optima SX with the 2.0T, and am looking for advice on replacing the stock intake with an SRI. I've read enough posts on this site to not expect much, if anything in terms of a power increase, which is fine with me. My expectations with this replacement are mainly for improved sound...
  2. High Performance
    Just had a random idea, want to see if it makes sense: Basically, would installing a pair of air scoops at the lower bumper, with hoses ducted up into the stock airbox/ending right next to the CAI appreciably cool incoming air to the engine/improve performance by any appreciable margin...
  3. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    See, I never wanted the intake. My buddy said it would make mad power and the stainless heat shield with carbon infused black paint and my original snorkel is near the short ram intake filter, but not sealed. DUPLICATE POST! SORRY! 😳👎
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Been looking for hours and have come to a decision of the HPS performance SAI (827-549WB) or the K&N CAI (69-5321TS) but can't decide which as I can’t find many reviews for my specific model. Just wondering if any other EX owners have put an aftermarket intake on and have seen actual gains or...
  5. Engine and Technical Discussion
    So I have a 5 speed manual 2009 N/A 2.4L kia optima and I would like to get a little more power out of it but nothing crazy I was looking at K&N cold air intakes for the 2015 2.4 but I'm not sure if it would be a direct bolt on, although the throttle body looks to be in the same place and the...
  6. 4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    Hey everyone, Just had the intake hose recall done on my 2016 SX. Thought it would just be a precautionary measure. The tech walked me into the service area, and showed me how the hose had actually melted and broke off where it connects to the turbo. He seemed pretty surprised. Glad I had it...
  7. Classified Forum
    I am trading in my lx 2.4 sportage for a 2.0 turbo awd tomorrow and no longer need this, id let it go for 100 shipped or best offer.
  8. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Having since traded my optima I had an extra aem intake laying around and decided to try it out to see if it did in fact fit. Well, it did. The pcv hose is short, but I made it work.
  9. 4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    I'm not sure if a lot of people make it over to that part of the forum..but see the link! I sold my 2016 SXL and purchased a Stinger GT2 Nick
  10. New Member Introductions
    So I just bought a 2015 SX trubo a week ago and I loving it, I had no idea how nice Kias could be. I am looking at a K&N 69 Series Typhoon, the K&N web site does not list it as compatible but K5Optima store does. Has anyone with a 2015 installed it?
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone. I know the maintenance sub-forum is probably a better place for this question, but I can't post there so here it is: I recently purchased a 2014 Optima EX. It has a lot of miles on it, and I'm not sure if the intake valves have ever been cleaned, so I bought some CRC GDI intake...
  12. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I have a 11 optima lx of course with the 2.4, ive gone through so far 2 intakes to test and see if the hesitation i was getting was because of the ebay branded intake or not. I first bought the cold air intake on ebay for 99 bucks shipped right? Okay, install went flawless car sounded great, but...
  13. K5OS - Performance
    Is proud to present to the Optima community The ADD W1 Version 3 Baffled Oil Catch Can (BUY NOW) Description: Oil Catch can's catch the oil and moisture in the blow-by gas that causes carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and engine. It's advanced design assures the best...
  14. 4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    3"? 3.5"? Because some of the pre-made kits (i.e. AEM) have a useless heat shield and the intake temp for a GDI engine isn't as critical, I may order the Airraid DIY CAI kit but need to know the tubing diameter. I am hoping this may provide opportunity for a closer to cold air intake depending...
  15. K5OS - 2016-2020 Kia Optima Products
    Is excited to present another great product to the forum: 2016-2020 Kia Optima 2.4L K&N Typhoon Intake System (BUY NOW) Description: Built for performance and show, the 69 Series Typhoon™ Air Intake System is a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tube induction system designed to fit many...
  16. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Does anyone know anything about this CAI from tuners depot? I'm wondering if it's any good
  17. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hello, I have had some issues installing my AEM cold air intake tube with being unable to get 1 hose off of a sensor on the stock intake tube. Currently I have the Airbox off and the CAI mounted / attached to the stock intake tube. I am able to get all hoses off except for the one circled in...
  18. 4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    Does anyone have, or know where I can find a cold air intake for 2016 Optima 2.4L? Thanks.
1-18 of 185 Results