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  1. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    So I just purchased a base model Optima a few months ago, I didn’t have the money at the time to get the model up with the sunroof and leather seats. I’m going to get leather seats installed next month, and I wanted to get the moonroof installed as well. From what I’m told though, getting a...
  2. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Sharing this because you will all find it entertaining. 2 days before Christmas (6 months ago), I went in to have a downpipe installed. I didn't want to deal with it being 30* out and deal with the inevitable bolts breaking and having to drop the turbo to drill them out. So, what always...
  3. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    I live in Ellicott City, Maryland. Other places nearby are Columbia, Md, Silver Spring, md. etc. I am looking for a shop that will put custom wheels on my 2014 kia optima ex. I know what wheels I want, but major tire dealers like Merchants Tires, etc, say they don't put the custom wheels on the...
  4. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    2013 optima SX infinity Theres 4 wires coming out of these and only 2 that connect to the aftermarket tweeters WTF!? I tried the first 2 for the bass part nothing really happen then i connected the other 2 and i start hearing highs. Problem its at a really low volume and doesnt sound...
  5. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Hello I recently purchased Morimoto XB35 HID Conversion Kit. I was wondering where would be the good place to mount the kit. Do you guys have any suggestions or mounting location pictures?
  6. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Can I go to a general auto shop to get these on or should I look for a performance shop? First person to say do it yourself gets a swift one to the groin.
  7. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Hey all, I own a 2016 JF Optima GT SWP. The first time I washed my car I noticed a strange issue - the corner of the tail lighted seemed to have cut into the paint in the rear quarter panel. After inspecting a few other cars at dealerships, I realised this wasn't an isolated incident - Some...
  8. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Ultra Racing strut tower bar installation and review. Post deleted
  9. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I bought the spoiler from K5 Optima Store about two years ago. It fit perfectly, installed quickly with the 3M tape it came with, looks like new after two Wisconsin winters. I really like the look!
  10. The Service Center
    So I got a pair of used Osram Xenarc HID bulbs and went on to swapping them this morning. The verdict: I can barely tell the difference. I still have to check with the previous owner as to how long they had the bulbs for, maybe they need to burn in before they get bluer / brighter. As far as the...
  11. Hybrids
    Hey y'all, Well, finally making time to install my under-carriage lights. My plan is to link it to proximity sensor so it turns on when I approach or unarm the car. Good idea or bad idea or is it even doable? If not, is there another fuse I can tap into rather than going direct to the...
  12. United States
    Does anyone have a favorite shop they use for installing upgrades? HIDs, springs, etc? Anything not too far outside 285 is good.
  13. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    I just got my Sick Speed Horns and unfortunately I don't have a garage to use to install them. I am in an apartment complex in the DFW area and don't have the space to take my bumper off and do the whole installation. My question is does anyone know a shop in the DFW area that is trust worthy...
  14. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Started installing MyRide Skirts. ABS plastic, fit over the stock ones, so they come out wider. They don't sit flush with the doors, you end up with 1/4 "lip", so some may not like that (What I mean is, the doors, end up inset, of the skirt) Me, I think it gives it a beefier look, so I'm good...
  15. DIY : Engine And Technical
    I made a video on how to install the exhaust. no negative feed backs please. It took about 4 hours but the video is only 8mins.
  16. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Hey everybody, So I am getting the bass itch and thinking I want to add a nice class D mono amp, and a 10" sub, I have the installation skills, but since I never dealth with a car that has so much electronics, I might want to ask the KIA family. I am leaning towards the Polk PA D1000.1, it...
  17. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Hey Everyone! This weekend I installed a K&N cold air intake on my 2015 Optima SX Turbo and let me tell you it sounds amazing! Not to mention the noticeable torque and horsepower gains! I did notice however that when the engine is cold and I go to startup the car, it makes a really loud suction...
  18. DIY Projects
    I am having trouble figuring out where to make the connections. I have HID conversion installed and I am not sure if this is the issue. I have read all the DIY threads on this but can't figure it out. Its been one of those weeks. I have the side markers installed and I have solder two wires...
  19. DIY Projects
    I just got the LED side markers today, how do I install them? I have the old vents removed, but would like to know where I am supposed to wire these into? I would like them to come on with my headlights or the LED strip in my headlights. 2014 optima SXL ---------- Post added at 06:47 PM...
1-19 of 80 Results