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  1. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Hello, Some said filling up full all the time will get lower fuel economy due to no space for evaporation (EVAP systems) to work? And also car is heavier with full tank and engine has to work harder, so that we get lower fuel economy? Are they true? Just wondering if you fill up to full all...
  2. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Hello all I am in the process of the following as I have been wanting to put a system in this car since day one. That being said the staging in this car is phenomenal from factory. I am pretty big on SQ and even in my base model with he speaker placement it is very good. Anyways here is what I...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    HI guys i am going to be changing my oil in my car. I was wondering if anyone has used this oil and is good for my car. I have a 2016 Lx Turbo.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I'm from Morocco and this is my 2015 Kia optima Diesel 1.7 CRDI with all the options available in my country. Just bought it a couple months ago and I'm pretty happy with it. :thumbsup:
  5. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    What's everything I'll need to do a full frontal, and Rear strut/shock replacement. I don't mind re-using the coils. I've been price shopping on eBay and found some seemingly good deals, but the more I research I worry I'm missing something. I know for the front I need: struts strut mounts...
  6. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but doing a cold reading, I get solid oil up to the full line, but additional oil runs up along the sides beyond the full line. I take it that excess oil is normal and just catching from the sides of the tube? I've got some oil dripping on the floor after an...
  7. Hybrids
    What's in your future? With more manufacturers adding these to their fleet which do you see yourself considering?
  8. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    does anyone know of a full run down list of all the types of bulbs in the Optima that can be replaced with LED's? i was impressed with this video, but they don't state the exact replacement bulbs needed?
  9. Hybrids
    I am sure this has been covered. Please excuse my rookie status to this forum; I just recently bought a Hybrid EX. I have 2300 miles on the car now, and the hydrid battery never goes beyond 5/8 full. Why? Is this normal? How do I get it full, or should I get it full? Please Advise.... mweisdorfer
  10. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Finally got a shot of my ride after the recent mods I did over the weekend. Wasn't able to clean it for a couple days because of the emblems and decals I added. All the work has been done by me and a friend of mine that modifies her Xterra.:thumbsup: #girlpower Mods: -Rear Bumper LED...
  11. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    My 2O12 Optima EX came with the "tire mobility kit." I bought a refurbished wheel, a new tire, tpms, spare tire hold down bolt, and a used car jack tool kit. Tire is 215/55R17 and fits perfectly. This wheel and tire should be able to be rotated with the others.
  12. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I have halogens with an hid kit right now and am not happy with the output... I have been considering doing the clear lens swap (if i could definitely figure out the correct lens size I need) and adding Morimoto bulbs which would be about a total of about 120 bucks... OR I since I will be...
  13. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    If you are how loud is it? I had the 2.5 Megan with borla cat back and it was very loud and lots of drone.
  14. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi, Here's the tool to decode Kia VIN numbers. It shows the full list of installed options. I think it can be useful for owners. regards,
  15. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Well I was asked to tackle a set of 2014 Optima headlights from my old employer once they saw my headlights. These lights are for the current owner so I needed to make them as nice as possible. I was able to do a full blackout and put LED's into the upper area ( these didn't have the LED...
  16. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    2011-2013 Optima-K5 Type M Body Kit - Shark Racing
  17. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey all, I had my oil changed to full synthetic at around 7k miles. I typically take only short range trips like 4-6 mile long trips twice a day, five days a week, and occasionally drive longer like 10-20 mile long trips once a week. And once a month or so drive about 50-75 miles in a...
1-17 of 56 Results