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  1. DIY : Appearance And Body Modifications
    So I've been searching online for days and I cant seem to find a site that has custom headlights, nor can I find a DIY on how to put in angel eyes myself.. anybody know of anything
  2. K5OS - LED & HID Lighting
    Is excited to present to the Optima forums: K5 Optima Store - RGB LED Color Changing Headlight or Fog Light Kit (BUY NOW) Description: These brand NEW high powered COB LED headlight low beam & fog light kits with built-in color changing RGB LED Demon Eyes, are designed to outperform your...
  3. The Service Center
    Any sites where I can find a replacement tow eye cap? I could only find black ones on ebay. I'm looking for a white one.
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Since the builtin came out about the 2011-14 motors I figured i'd keep an eye on my 2012 LX a bit more often, if nothing else, for my own satisfaction. Lowdown: 2012 LX 2.4L with 49kmi on the odometer. Here are the current results: So far so good. I thought I've heard some knock at startup...
  5. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Ever since i painted my headlights I keep thinking that i should've done more, but I was in a rush and didn't plan anything else out. I want to add a red devil/demon eye light somehow. I think im down to 2 options that are relatively simple and cheap. 1) Get a red halo ring to put inside the...
  6. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Ok guys, go easy on me. I know nothing about modding a car. I really like the look of the headlights in the pic below. I did a little looking around online and found Halo Angel Eye projector I on the right track? I have no idea how to order these for my car and of course I'd...
  7. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    LED Angel Eye Emitting Quad Circle DIY Kit for 11 12 13 Kia Optima K5 | eBay I'm thinking buying those, but most of those listings stating they are not compatible with 2014 optimas, but 2013 and 2014 headlights look the same? Anyone who has this pair installed on their 2014 optima sx?
  8. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Couple of teaser photos..... No flash to show all the black: Flash to show passive demon eye painted in gold: Full details and more pictures to come in the next few days as they aren't installed yet so no output pictures as of now
  9. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    After clicking around the exled site today, had a thought -- would it be possible and advisable to create the BMW angel eye look? I was thinking you could open the headlight case and install a white LED strip and seal it back up. But, I have no idea if this would just create some potential...
  10. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Has anyone seen this mod? LED head eye line light: Kspeed LED Head Eye Line Light DIY Kit 2P Fit Kia Optima K5 | eBay I think it would look good w/ the DRL's below -- all line up in the same direction. Is it a good mod? If so, is the part on ebay good quality and good price? I'm thinking...
  11. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    just found these thought id share. LED Front Headlight Lamp Circle Angel Eye Line Module 2pcs for 11 Optima | eBay
  12. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I put in some Eagle Eye bolt on LEDs in my lower grill in a vertical fang-like fashion since that was the best arrangement I could make (for now) without having to remove the plastic box that sits in there. They are so bright that you cannot look directly in them or your eye will burn. They...
  13. DIY Projects
    I have an EX, and really wants drl for my front, however i don't like the drl bumper fogs ones, I was always wanted it on the headlights, and this mod looks quite simple, no removing headlights what so ever. Below is the installation guide and the drl strip for sale, let me know what you guys...
  14. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    A customer brought some goodies for us to install. It was extremely tedious and a bit complicating installing these angel eyes along with the LEDs but got the job done. (Kudos to Will) Pretty cool we must say. What do you guys think? :D
  15. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Searching Ebay I came across this and was curious if anyone might already have it installed. [Kspeed] KIA Optima K5 LED Head Eye Line Light DIY Kit 2P | eBay
  16. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Hi everyone, new to the forums. I just bought a 2003 kia optima lx v6 from my local dealer. As nice as the car looks, i know in the near future im gonna want to start doing stuff to it. Main things i already know i want to do are the grill, badges, and getting a rear spoiler. Ive tried...
  17. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I tried a different approach.. not sure if anyone else has done this yet.. it was such an easy install anyone could do it.. my 4 month old girl actually did the passenger side.. (ok not really.. lol) just some cheap Side mounted LED strips mounted under the hood and on the headlights.. came...
  18. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I'm not sure if this has been addressed in another thread. All I saw were running light threads for the bottom spoilers. I'm am not one that typically likes to do a lot of customizing to a car but this product really interest's me. (LED Eye line kit for Headlights) KIA 2011 All new Optima K5...
1-18 of 20 Results