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  1. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    I realize it's not rocket science but I need some advice.. One morning, I decided to check the engine oil level and noticed it was quite a bit below the low level. I bought a jug of oil and poured in about 500ml. When I checked the dipstick afterwards, I am getting oil above the "full" level Pic...
  2. 4th Generation Optima (2016 - 2020)
    I am about to buy a 2019 optima with 64k mileage on it. I found that engine oil dipstick color is red. Does it mean that engine was replaced before due bearing failure related issue? What is the engine oil dipstick color for 2019 optima? I have a 13 optima. I know that initially they come with...
  3. The Service Center
    Question is how much oil should be added when oil level on dipstick is at the L (low) mark to get it to the F (full) mark. Only found on one thread that was near an answer but everyone seemed to be guessing. Is there a factory spec on this?
  4. Engine and Technical Discussion
    I took my 2013 Kia Optima in for the engine recall test to determine if the rod bearings have been damaged by manufacturing debris. They changed the dipstick from yellow to an orange one and filled the engine with 5.2 quarts instead of the 4.86 quarts in my owners manual. They did not know...
  5. The Service Center
    Just had the oil changed on my car and when I can home I checked the level ( after letting it sit for 10 mins) and the level seems to be above the "F". Is this a concern?
  6. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but doing a cold reading, I get solid oil up to the full line, but additional oil runs up along the sides beyond the full line. I take it that excess oil is normal and just catching from the sides of the tube? I've got some oil dripping on the floor after an...
  7. DIY Projects
    Anyone use one of those fluid extractors for diy oil changes? Ie where you use the dipstick tube and pull the oil out thought that.... I used to use one all the time of a jetta TDI, and wondering if there would be any issues doing it the same way on my koh. (Using it on the TDI actually got...
  8. Engine and Technical Discussion
    It's a pretty simple question but the answer doesn't seem to be in the owners manual and it never seems to be a simple number. Clearly, from the Owner's Manual oil readings are to be taken while hot (which differs from my previous car and made it easy to just check it in the morning) so if I...
1-8 of 8 Results