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  1. The Detailing Corner
    I bought a boat load of stuff to detail my car. I parked myself on the chemicalguys YouTube channel for a few days. I was all excited to wash, claybar, polish, glaze, seal and wax her in one shot. I got thru wash and clay and I had had enough. I came back the next week, washed again then used...
  2. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Is there a way to delete and/or disable my trip details (TOTAL TRIPS/MILES TRAVELED/TOTAL DRIVING TIME/AVERAGE SPEED) from both the "My UVO" smartphone app & from ""? I could not find anything on how to delete this info in the UVO manual.
  3. The Detailing Corner
    First off, no credit to myself here. I am a moderator for the Auto Detailing subreddit at AutoDetailing: The Detailer's Domain. A very awesome user of ours posted this write-up and I just wanted to share it here so all can benefit. ------------ Washing Rinse off your car to get as much...
  4. Pictures and Videos
    We actually had some impressive weather in NYC this weekend, downright summer-like compared to the single digit temps of a few weeks ago. Decided this past Sunday to take full advantage, gave the car its first top-to-bottom detail: full interior vacuum/clean, leather clean/conditioner, clean...
  5. Pictures and Videos
    So I know many of you are like me, you spend a few hours hand washing, detailing and waxing your Optima and then take some great pictures. (In my case this was the first wash and wax since she was less than 2 weeks old) Am I the only one who goes out looking for places to take pictures of my...
  6. Pictures and Videos
    I have had the car for 2 weeks now, and she just hit 600 miles this weekend. She is growing up so fast!! LOL This weekend was a beautiful weekend here in Charlotte so I was able to give the car the first true hand wash and wax. So far tint and LED license plate bulbs are whats done to the car.
  7. Canada
    Im looking for a detailing shop or a place for me to wash / clay,seal and wax my car down, Anyone know of a place in Toronto or closeby area?
  8. DIY : Engine And Technical
    Hello Optima Forum members. I ordered an Injen Short Ram Air Intake from a fellow member last week and just before the sun set tonight I got a chance to install it. This may be one of the best bolt-ons I have put on a car to date. Definitely pulls the blow off sound out, gives it a nice launch...
  9. The Detailing Corner
    Her guys I have the non heated leather seats for EX,I spoiled something and have a slight again in the pores of the seat.... How can I remove it? Also the left side of the driver seat has seams that's starting to weaken... Any idea how to reinforce that also? Thanks
  10. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    So I go to my local detailer to get a quick job done on the car, and as they are wrapping up I see 5 or 6 people gather around the car. I move to a table that is a bit closer and I hear comments like "I'm in love with this car" and "I'd drive THIS Kia in a heartbeat". I have a quick...
  11. Pictures and Videos
    to see how look the european version of this car... this is from germany reseller differences from us i don't like : no spoiler, only one exhaust i hesitate a long time between snow white pearl and dark grey as this video... and made my choice for swp (looks more young)
  12. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Anyone have these? Obviously just for apperence? Kspeed Fits Kia 2011 Optima K5 Headlamp Detail Tip 3D Point Emblem | eBay
  13. The Detailing Corner
    So I just wrapped up my first detail on my two week old car. After tons of research and a lot of product recommendations on here and, I went with the Autogeek Forum Favorite Kit. It is essentially Klasse AIO, Klasse Sealant, and Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax. All I can say is...
  14. The Detailing Corner
    This is back in the day. My first detail on my goat. WARNING: DSL DEATH :blink::3tens::facepalm::bestpost::clap::censored::duh::bowing: Alright, enough of the smilies. That about fits all the moods I went through today. Woke up at 9am, took a shower (not with my gf ftl ) ...oh wait...
  15. The Detailing Corner
    My director came to me when I announced to my workplace about the fact that I detail vehicles. He has seen some pictures of my work in the past. He has a white 2007 Chevy Suburban. This last weekend I stopped at his house and took both Saturday and Sunday to bring this vehicle back to life...
  16. Pictures and Videos
    Hey guys, Ive been around for a while, but haven't got any pictures of my SX. Well here she is after a wash, clay bar and wax detail. She isn't anything special. Just your stock SX. But dang they look sharp. Enjoy.
  17. The Detailing Corner
    Hey guys, long story short: a number of years ago (I forgot how many) i received an armor all-detail kit for christmas. I couldn't use the dash cleaner because it wasn't compatable with my car at the time (had a camry), I didn't have real rims (i thinkk the rim cleaner messed up my wheel cap...
  18. Pictures and Videos
    So a few days ago (Friday) i decided to wash/wax the Optima again after a weeks long commute back and forth to work. This time my other products came in such as sealant and poorboys Natty Paste wax... Here's what i used Mcquires Gold Class Car Wash 2 bucket method grit guard Optimum...
  19. Pictures and Videos
    So yesterday before work i decided to give the SX a small wash and hand detail. Items used were 2 buckets (2 bucket method) grit guard Microfiber sponge Mothers clay bar kit Optimum Poly-Seal (AIO) Optimum Metal Wax(muffler tips)(chrome trim) Tuf Shine for wheels Mcquires Professional shine for...
1-20 of 20 Results