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  1. What's the Condition of Your Spare Tire?

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Does your vehicle have a Spare Tire? In the event that your vehicle does have a spare assembly, whether it be full size or a compact, do you know the condition? Like other tires, a spare tire can be impacted from exposure to UV, from heat, and other conditions. To avoid having spare tire...
  2. Condition of rear rotors/pads

    The Service Center
    I had a question regarding the condition of the rear brakes/pads on my Optima. The car has 75k and the rear brakes/rotors are original. Front pads and rotors were replaced last year. I can still see meat on the rear pads but the condition of the rotor on the passenger side seems to be...
  3. Sticky Air Condition Seat Button

    3RD Generation Optima (2011-2015)
    My wife accidentally opened a soda that was ready to burst and just found out that some of that sweet goodness went into the crevice of the passenger side seat air condition button. It's hard to push when the weather is cool and ok to push when the weather is hot (I guess the sugary stuff is...
  4. 16" OEM wheels and Nexen tires 7K miles Perfect condition for sale $300

    Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    I have a nice set of 4 oem 16" wheels with OEM Nexen tires with 7K miles on them for sale. They are in perfect condition. No road rash at all. The TPMS sensors have been removed. I want $300 OBO for all 4 rims and tires. They are in Orlando FL. Would make good winter wheels and tires for cars...
  5. FS: 18x8 Moda MD14's in PERFECT condition with great tires

    Classified Forum
    These rims are Moda MD14's in Black with Polished edges. I bought these new from tirerack two months ago. I put about 4000 miles oin them so there is A LOT of tread left. These rims are perfect and in very good condition. I think they are spotless actually. They are 5x114, 18x8 et40. The tires...