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  1. High Performance
    Has anyone out there installed all of the frame enhancement parts for the Optima? Found Here: PRODUCT - KIA - OPTIMA K5 (TF) 2010-2015 - Ultra Racing USA, LLC - Chassis Tuning Specialist If so, how has this affected your vehicle's overall performance? Can one of our experts comment on what...
  2. K5OS - Suspension
    Is proud to present Ultra Racing Rear Sway Bar - Anti Roll Bar & Stabilizer Bar (BUY NOW) Description: The Ultra Racing Rear Sway Bar affects the handling on the lower end of your suspension Ties the lower suspension components together across the rear, & helps prevent oversteer &...
  3. K5OS - Suspension
    Is now the official North American Distributor for: Kia Optima/Hyundai Sonata Stiff Ring Chassis Collars (BUY NOW) Description: This fantastic mod will help correct the basic geometry of your chassis These collars fill in the gap between the subframe bolts and bolt holes Greatly reduce...
1-3 of 5 Results