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  1. New Member Introductions
    My 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid developed a glitch where it would not start intermittently, leaving me stranded. Sometimes after waiting a while and trying again, it would "start" (meaning it would be ready to drive, being a hybrid it doesn't mean actually cranking the engine). Three different shops...
  2. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Hello forums, I come to you pretty angry right now, So I bought some "Super White" H11B bulbs from amazon for my 2013 Kia Optima Lx, after installing them, I was very excited. Until I turned on my light.. both were still yellow bulbs.. Is there no way to make my light white? Do i need to change...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I just bought a 2018 Optima SXL and figured there would be a forum around like this for fellow Optima owners! Looks like this will be a good resource for questions I'll inevitably have!
  4. Hybrids
    I just got a 16 Hybrid EX. I always join the forums to find out as much information I can get. That being said, is there anything I should know about the car? Or, is there a mod that is a must? Thanks in advance.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! Just bought a used 2015 Optima EX on Friday and love it! It didn't come with the heated/vented seats that I wanted (well the seats themselves appear to be vented already, just no switch). I am going to have them set that up for $499, hopefully late this week or early next week...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I just bought a 2015 Optima EX in satin metal this past Monday. Traded in a 2008 Dodge Charger for it.
  7. New Member Introductions
    What up peeps, with out a doubt I paid cash for a 2014 Kia Optima SXL Turbo. She's a pretty white color with chrome package. It was a toss up between a black 2015 SX Turbo or a white 2014. So glad I got the 2014 one. It's a head turner and I have not seen alot of SXL's in the Dallas area. She's...
  8. Pictures and Videos
    I ordered slotted/drilled rotors and ceramic pads from maxbrake on July 27th but front we're not in stock so had to wait longer for them. They finally came in. Payed 238.36 tax included.
  9. New Member Introductions
    My name is Adam. We live in Atlantic Beach, Florida. My wife's 2007 Toyota Camry SE (fully loaded) is getting up there in miles, so it's going to the 17 year old. So we started hunting for a new(er) car for her. She wanted a sporty sedan, something the same size or smaller, and she didn't...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello from SW Ontario, Just bought a 13 Optima to replace my aging BMW. Forums have always been my source for all DYI repairs. I'm hoping to get the same help with issues as I have from BMW forums. Cheers!
  11. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Has anyone traded in their Optima for another Optima? I bought a 2011 Optima when they first came out, and it was quite a stylish car that was not seen much on the road. I remember several times while sitting at a red light, the person next to me putting down their window to ask me what kind...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Used this forum to help make my decision on a used Optima SXL. So far I am not disapointed. I'm a bells and whistle guy and this car fits the bill. Traded in a 2010 AWD Tucson with 25,000 miles. Hoping gas milage is better than the Tucson. My office is moving 35 miles away and gas milage and...
  13. Pictures and Videos
    Traded in my wife's '14 Sorento SXL for a new Cadenza SXL. So I had to get a few pictures of our 2 girls together. Sadly while we were signing the papers I was online ordering the Badges and LED tag lights from David lol, and as soon as we got home I had the Cadenza badge removed.
  14. Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    So its my understanding from poking around the net... these are the factory SXL rims? So help me out here...
  15. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Hello everyone, First off thanks for having me! I have been browsing heavily the exterior modifications forum. I just bought a 2013 Titanium SXL (the color is still growing on me, but I have found it hard to establish which route to go while modding). Here is the car I bought except mine is on...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hi, My name is John, I live in Spokane Washington. I've actually been eyeballing an Optima Hybrid for the last two years but haven't felt comfortable pulling the trigger until this month. Part of the decision to finally do it was based on the deal I got. I found a 2014 smokey blue EX with most...
  17. New Member Introductions
    We just swapped our 2011 Optima for a 2014 EX in red with the premium package, and I am looking forward to learning a lot of great stuff about these great cars.
  18. New Member Introductions
    I am hoping to use the site to learn more about aftermarket parts. I recently traded in my Hyundai Genesis coupe on a 2015 Optima. My kids(14 and 20) kept fighting over who was going to sit in the back seat of my coupe when we went places so it had to go lol. I am hoping I can add more...
  19. New Member Introductions
    I've finally got the car I've been wanting for a while, a 2014 black LX and let me tell you, I'm loving it! It's only my 2nd car but its a nice compliment to my other car, my '83 Mercury Capri 5.0 (which needs some serious attention). So obviously I'm new to the Optima and I'm looking forward to...
1-19 of 133 Results