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  1. The Service Center
    Had this pop up out of nowhere today. It happened about 5 minutes into my drive. Left and right turn signals have also intermittently been flashing fast like the bulb is burned out, but will all of a sudden go back to normal. Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. Car is a 2014 SXL with...
  2. Paint Colors
    Horizon Blue 2017 Optima LX
  3. 3rd Generation Optima (2011 - 2015)
    Hey Everyone, I started to change out my LP blubs and am stuck as to how the socket is removed from its base. I don't want to apply too much force to snap or break something. Anyone have any experience in replacing the LP blub? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Spotted
    Monday evening, I parked near a blue 2014-15 Optima at the Woodlands Sports Park in St. Peters, MO. It was facing towards me, but it appeared to be an SXL. I also noticed it had the K5 badging. There was a guy in the driver's seat, but he was on the phone. I went back into the lot a few minutes...
  5. Members' Showroom
    The brand new, just off the truck, one of the first sold in Arizona, picked it up yesterday. Beautiful! My 3rd Optima. This is more refined than my 2015 SXL, quieter inside by quite a bit. Feels more spacious inside. It has the surround view camera, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise...
  6. Paint Colors
    Just bought the new 2018 KIA Optima SXL in beautiful Horizon Blue with Limited package. Very rich and shiny medium deep blue. Love the color! Love the car. The 2018 is more refined than my 2015 SXL was. Quieter and even nicer on the interior, plus love all the new tech.
  7. Spotted
    Last Saturday at my kids' recitals at Pattonville HS (St. Louis, MO area), saw a blue 2011-13 SX(L possibly) parked near mine. It had the sunroof, chrome accents on the footwells and side mirrors, red calipers, and red K5 badging. She was a beauty!
  8. Spotted
    Saw a dark blue SX-T on the bottom floor of the parking garage at work near Seaworld. Very nice! Left a note pointing them to the forums. I'm the satin metal SX-T up on the third floor.
  9. The Service Center
    Hey guys my car came oem with blue coolant I was wondering is that the kia long life coolant or a different jug? I don't want to mix anything else in it besides what it came with anyone have any idea ? I try and avoid the dealership as much as possible because the people in their parts...
  10. Paint Colors
    New Optima Hybrid color.
  11. New Member Introductions
    I think I am almost done with the Cosmetic's, now to really get into this Engine and Suspension , any advice?
  12. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Bought from Throwdown Performance. Friendly employees. Fast shipping. Even included some swag! Very durable. Nice product. Look amazing on the car! Will do business with them again...
  13. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Been seeing the Hyaundai Commercials on the Blue Link Remote find my car. Lock the doors and start my car. Is this something that is only on the newer cars. Or does anybody know how it works. If I have a 2016 Optima LX , how would this work on my car ?
  14. Spotted
    hey! i spotted a blue SX probably 2012 at the LA Fitness in the kearny mesa part of SD this morning (monday). wondering if the owner is on here. im only doing this because i go to that same gym. i wanted to park next to you but someone else was next to you. i parked caddy corner from you in my...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Upgraded my DD about a month ago to this amazing ride. Minor updates so far... New emblems Minor Plasti Dip - not sure if I'll keep Throttle body spacer LED Backup lights LED Fog lights Oil Catch can Going to add Uncle chip and a couple other items along the way. I've been lurking and...
  16. Spotted
    Driving on I70 W west of Indianapolis at about 6:40pm. I'm driving my 13 swp sxl. Couldn't get a pic... anyone on here???
  17. Spotted
    Saw you on Rt. 301 12-27-15 at around 11:45 AM. I was trying to get you to race with me. But you didn't want to play. :\
  18. Members' Showroom
    Hello! My name is Chris. I recently bought this Optima end of September. I love this car so much. A friend of mine leased a similar optima (same color, model etc) in 2012. It was a sweet car and I loved the look of it! I am a car guy. I had been driving a 2000 Camry that was passed down from my...
  19. Spotted
    Sick Corsa blue K5 all KDM out with air ride suspension... Speechless! Big ups homie!
  20. Spotted
    Spotted a blue SX with black wheels and k badges by Mr.Mort Cleaners on broadway.
1-20 of 192 Results