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  1. The Dealership
    I must say... I was really surprised. Purchased a 2013 Corsa Blue Kia Optima SX w/ Premium Touring from a cool guy named Imran Rana (Ron), the Internet Sales Manager. I began searching for the best deal last Monday. Started at Gay Family Auto in Dickinson, TX - they offered me $28.8K, but turned...
  2. The Dealership
    They treated us well; got the pricing we wanted n everything! Salesman David Brewer III was simply outstanding. Never have I been introduced to everyone from dealership owner to Service reps while purchasing a vehicle. Houston south freeway
  3. The Dealership
    Just bought our SX yesterday at Archer Kia. They did not give me a hard time at all, they were so cool and really discounted their cars right up front. Other dealers had pulled every old school "go see the manager and you wait 20 minutes" crap. Here, the manager came over, we talked & he came...
1-3 of 3 Results