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  1. DIY : Appearance And Body Modifications
    So I've been searching online for days and I cant seem to find a site that has custom headlights, nor can I find a DIY on how to put in angel eyes myself.. anybody know of anything
  2. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Ok guys, go easy on me. I know nothing about modding a car. I really like the look of the headlights in the pic below. I did a little looking around online and found Halo Angel Eye projector I on the right track? I have no idea how to order these for my car and of course I'd...
  3. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    hey guys so i was wondering if anyone had installed this before... 2011-2013 Optima K5 XLOOK Premium CC POWER LED Angel Eyes 2pc Set - Korean Auto Imports Is it hard to install?
  4. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    day view night view day view with auto iso settings, but night view, the camera cant filter much of the lights, have to use an advanced camera to filter out
  5. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    LED Angel Eye Emitting Quad Circle DIY Kit for 11 12 13 Kia Optima K5 | eBay I'm thinking buying those, but most of those listings stating they are not compatible with 2014 optimas, but 2013 and 2014 headlights look the same? Anyone who has this pair installed on their 2014 optima sx?
  6. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    After clicking around the exled site today, had a thought -- would it be possible and advisable to create the BMW angel eye look? I was thinking you could open the headlight case and install a white LED strip and seal it back up. But, I have no idea if this would just create some potential...
  7. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Just a couple pictures we just received a little while ago from the guy doing the headlights for my gf's Optima :) Should be going on the car within the next two weeks or so.
  8. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Hey guys, so I just finished writing my checklist in order to know what to buy first then what's next. One of the mods were installing Halo/Angel eyes, so I looked around and found exLED's, since that I don't have the balls to crack open my headlights and install the pieces I decided to get...
  9. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    just found these thought id share. LED Front Headlight Lamp Circle Angel Eye Line Module 2pcs for 11 Optima | eBay
  10. Entertainment: Audio, Navigation, and Electronics
    Hello all! Just another angel eye post. I recently finished the angel eye install on my 2012 Optima Hybrid. Much thanks to for their awesome customer service and top notch quality products. I've been going through them for close to 5 years now and a total of 3 vehicles...
  11. New Member Introductions
    hey everyone. im new to the forum. im really looking to change out my headlights. id like to get DRL's but I dont want to cut my fender. any advise on where i can buy the lights and how i can install withtout voiding my warranty?
  12. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    A customer brought some goodies for us to install. It was extremely tedious and a bit complicating installing these angel eyes along with the LEDs but got the job done. (Kudos to Will) Pretty cool we must say. What do you guys think? :D
  13. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    Whats Going On My Fellow Optima Owner, I Am Beginning My Optima's Modifications Next Year And I'm Getting My Inventory Together At The Moment. Now My Question To The Kia Universe Is "Has anyone Installed The Angel Eyes Yet"?
  14. Interior and Exterior Modifications
    I have a 2011 Optima SX Turbo - purchased in April. I'm looking to do the following... 1 - Install "angel eyes" that look as if they fit similar to BMW OEM's... but still do not know what route to go to find the best possible fit. Any suggestions? 2 - I actually came across those "Option 2"...
1-14 of 16 Results