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Ebony Black
A work in progress ...

I Support the K5 Optima Store.
2012 Kia Optima (Ebony Black)


K&N Typhoon Intake
WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners - from K5OptimaStore
Kia 3.0 K Logo Steering Wheel - Karbon Koncepts finally delivered this ... more than 4 months after ordering although it is black and I was expecting it to be Carbon Fiber.

I'm leaving the blurb below as it was my first and and last experience buying from Karbon Koncepts.

(Carbon Fiber)?

It's now been over 3 months since I ordered and paid for them from Karbon Koncepts and still waiting with no word on the one for the steering wheel in a month... ordered first week of May... was told in mid-May they were in Customs and would ship in a few days.... Early/Mid June was last time they answered phone and said they were still in customs... note there has been no contacting me to let me know .... just me calling or emailing them ...

The "guaranteed" delivery date I was given has come and gone and still no word.

Not answering phone, voice mail full, and no returned call ...

... update ... the phone was actually answered ... I was informed that customs sent a shipment back to Korea then the replacement shipment was partially lost but another replacement shipment is coming but no idea when ... :\

Funny that apparently Karbon Koncepts has sold 14 sets on eBay that has gotten positive feedback between May 16th & Aug 8th ... Things that make you go "hmmmm"

... update 2 ... the chrome on the emblems I purchased from Karbon Concepts started flaking off after a few months. I contacted Karbon Koncepts about this severl time as was told they would be sending replacements which never came. I will never buy from them again and caution anyone thinking about it. They are dishonest, will take your money and run.
Kia 3.0 K Logo (Carbon Fiber front & trunk)
Factory "K5" (replaced OPTIMA on trunk lid)
"T" Turbo GDi grille emblem
LED "light bar" DRLs (no bumper cutting)
Roof spoiler w/LED break light
WeatherTech Window Deflectors (Dark)
Lamin-X Charcoal on stock LED Tail Lights
Rear bumper LEDs (from K5 Optima Store w/Lamin-X Charcoal)
20% Tint (Sides & Rear)

more to come over the next few months...



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